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Detroit - Eastern Market

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

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Mark Nemecek

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Twelve Step Program

April 27, 2022

Br. Andre, Steve, and Mark returned to the farmer's market after taking off Holy Week. We had two lengthy conversations before we even got into the market. Br. Andre and Mark were walking out of the parking lot when we heard a voice call out to us. Then we saw Greg sitting on a bench in front of us and we've spoken to him a few times in the past. We patiently listened as he talked about his daily struggles living on the street. Having worked with soup kitchens and homeless ministry, Mark was able to sympathize and recommend some resources, including a free clinic where Greg could get a much-needed checkup. Greg was still wearing the Miraculous Medal that he received last year so we gave him a rosary and pamphlet. Greg said that he needed two dollars to ride the bus later in the day but he didn't have any money. Br. Andre and Mark both had one dollar available to give him some material assistance. Br. Andre then admonished Greg and encouraged him to take small but consistent steps to get his life together.
Steve then caught up with us and he led a prayer that Greg would trust in the Lord and take the necessary steps to secure housing and make a living, but more than anything, that Greg would pursue a life of virtue and faith. Chris saw us praying from across the street and he approached. Like many people, Chris said that he is spiritual but won't commit to any particular religion. Chris had questions of the holiness of angels, including the fallen angels. Mark and the other evangelists answered his questions but Chris wasn't satisfied with our answers. Br. Andre recommended that if he wanted more substantial answers, then he should read St. Thomas Aquinas and there are parts of the Summa Theologica that would provide specific and detailed answers.
Chris continued and gave credit to God for helping him overcome substance abuse. Steve talked about the Twelve Step Program draws a lot from Catholic spirituality and Catholic disciplines. The process of overcoming addiction is very similar to the approach of overcoming sin and avoiding temptation. Chris refused the offer of a Miraculous Medal but was happy to accept a rosary.
Praised be Jesus Christ!