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Detroit - Eastern Market

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

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Mark Nemecek

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The other side of the market

April 28, 2022

Br. Andre, Steve, and Mark returned to the farmer's market this past Saturday. Historically, we have focused our attention near the northern edge of the market but moved down to the other end last week. We visited a busy pedestrian overpass that goes over the highway and there are always a lot of shoppers and vendors. Mark noticed a bunch of t-shirts hanging on the fence and they all had some kind of Christian message. Mark and Br. Andre talked to the young man, Jordan, and it turns out that he went to school at Br. Andre's parish and went to church there for a few years. Br. Andre gave Jordan a card for the parish as well as a Miraculous Medal and a couple of holy cards. We then invited him to come to a prayer meeting the following Tuesday and join either the men's group or the young adult group. While we talked to Jordan, Steve went ahead and talked to another vendor. Dante was very passionate and happy to talk to us. He wore a shirt that read "your angel upsets their demons" and definitely believes in the battle of good vs. evil. Dante was so excited about the conversation that he openly neglected customers at his booth. We talked for ten minutes on a variety of subjects including prayer, proper worship, and morality. We gave him a Miraculous Medal, two holy cards, and a few different pamphlets. In the end, Steve gave him his business card to follow up.
Steve approached a vendor selling African jewelry and we noticed that he was selling decorative rosaries. Steve then pointed out how there were necklaces with skulls and pagan imagery next to the rosaries. The vendor, Abdou, said that he is Lutheran but he definitely accepts a lot of non-Christian ideas. Steve offered to pray for Abdou, for his family overseas, and for his own relationship with God. As we continued talking with Abdou, a young woman walked by with a cross tattoo on her elbow. Br. Andre excused himself and hurried to catch up to her. Br. Andre talked about the unconditional love of God and our response to His love. Br. Andre offered to pray over her, which she gratefully accepted. The young woman, Sandra, was incredibly thankful and said that was the nicest gesture anyone has ever offered her. Br. Andre then gave her a Miraculous Medal, a holy card, and a business card for his parish.
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