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A Welcomed Visitor

September 20, 2022

What a welcome addition to have a faith-filled young adult join us today to evangelize! Maria, Doug's daughter, was a welcome surprise. (She is in the picture below.)  She has helped us out before and many people visited our table to say hello to her.  What a witness, to give up her Saturday, sunny afternoon to be with us and share the gospel with others! The person also in the picture below Abubakeh, a Muslim, is a regular at the bus stop who frequently engages us in wonderful questions about the gospel.  He was showing Maria how he prays on his religious beads which look similar to a rosary. But he definitely knows the gospel and can recite it to you.  We keep praying for his conversion.  He watches us witness and sharing our faith with others all the time, so I am sure God is working  Doug has befriended him and took him to lunch.

I met a young woman, Tia, who was trying to smoke some grass with another person but was having difficulty with the man-made cigarette.  Unfortunately, Marihuana use is a fairly common activity at the bus stop.  She finally gave up, and I was then able to engage her in conversation.  I shared with her my witness and told her God is in the business of working miracles in our lives if we let Him, as he took the desire away from me to smoke in my twenties as I smoked a pack a day.  I also shared how God delivered me from much darkness and loneliness. Tia was open to hearing me and took some information and the surrender prayers. At the same time Doug, who was up at the other end of the terminal, was witnessing to Tia's boyfriend , Derrick, who I believe was more open to hearing the gospel than Tia.  Derrick and Doug found us, and we prayed over them and encouraged them to check out all the information given to them.  They were very grateful.  Please pray for them.  And also keep praying for David whom I have prayed over before for Trigeminal Neuralgia (nerve pain in the face) that God would take that away from him and bring relief.

So many young adults experience this ache in their hearts to find the truth.  Please also pray for Jasmine, Frederick, Malek and Jenny who are seeking answers in their lives, that God would touch them with His love and mercy.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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