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Give God a Chance

December 17, 2022

On Friday, Amparo, Bob and I ventured out to the bus transit center, and Amparo connected with many Spanish people inviting them to the Christmas Mass  at our church.  Sometimes people just need that personal invite.  She was able also to talk with many mothers whose children need the sacraments and connect them with the parish.  I am very grateful for her involvement in SPSE.

"Give God a chance" was my answer to many people that I encountered today, Saturday.  Tom and I were out today and we met Xavier from Cameroon who was looking for a Catholic Church to attend.  He was very grateful for the information.  My second  encounter was with Mia, a young adult  I asked her if she wanted some good news today as I attempted to hand her the pamphlet.  She said she was an atheist and declined to take anything.  I asked her if I could share how God revealed His love to me personally and transformed my life.  She was very open and willing to listen.  I told her faith is a gift from God, there for the asking, but we have to invited Him in and shared the gospel with her.  I asked her if I could give her the Sacred Heart holy card that has a beautiful prayer on the back asking God to reveal His love.  I told her to give God a chance and before she goes to sleep tonight to pray the prayer.  She accepted it and agreed.  Please pray for her and also Tyler, also a young adult who was never raised in any particular religion.  I presented the gospel to him along with his two friends who had been baptized.  They were so respectful and listened while I shared my witness with them.  I gave them the same card as Mia.  Tyler said he really did not believe in God and I challenged him to pray the prayer before he went to bed tonight.  He also agreed.  I believe that these were divine appointments from God and He wants to do a special work in their lives.  These young adults are so hungry to hear the truth.  I am so grateful to Tom for his involvement in SPSE as an evangelist and braving the cold!

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.  Thank you to all our intercessors for their prayers and for our donors!

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