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Just Need That Special Invite

April 22, 2023

Sheila, Amparo, Bob and I went out last Thursday to share the good news.  The parable of the workers whom no one has hired came to mind when I was talking to a young adult named Jeremiah.  I told him that I loved his name and had not heard of too many people with that name.  I sensed that he was pretty bored with his life as I presented the gospel to him.  However, as soon as I was finished, he lighted up!  He was so open to hearing that God loved him and had a plan for him.  He was very eager to receive information about our prayer meeting, Life in the Spirit Seminar we are offering and also our parish Mass schedule. Please pray he will follow through.

Amparo was able to connect with a single Spanish mom with 2 children who was looking to receive the sacraments and register at a church.  She gave her name to our parish office where they will get in touch with her.  I am so grateful Amparo is there to help these single moms.

Please also pray for Parker, a young adult who attends the Mormon church and two teenage girls who I sensed are into the occult, that God would open up their hearts to the truth of His love for them and set them free.  Thank you to Sheila also for being a witness of Christ's  love to so many people.  As always so grateful to Bob for being there to protect all of us ladies!

May God continue to protect and bless our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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