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October 15, 2023

Between the Hindu woman with her children who was curious about baptism  and the Muslim woman who was seeking to know the truth,  God's Holy Spirit was working powerfully at the Lakeforest bus metro.  Doug, David and I interacted with many people who were hungry just to be listened to and to offer them hope, especially in light of all that is happening in the world right now.   I had met Deon, a young adult whom I had met before and was questioning if God was really alive as he had had some major disappointments in his life.  I encouraged him to reach out to God again and trust that He is with him.  I shared how God had pulled me out of the pit of shame and confusion and offered me a new life full of purpose and joy.  Pray that he will give God a chance and open his heart to him along with Jayden who has had a similar experience.

I continue to pray that God would deliver Wade, Shema and Kenneth from drugs and alcohol addition.  It was so good to see Kenneth again and to see how God has freed him, but he needs continued prayer especially for his sister who has suffered abuse. May God continue to free and deliver them and bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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