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Bringing Tidings of Great Joy

January 5, 2024

Amparo, Sheila and I ventured out December 14 to spread Christmas joy to a hurting world.  Many families are just trying to get by and feel the pressure of the world to make a living.  We meet many immigrants from Peru, Honduras, Venezuela and African countries who are not hooked up to any particular religion or parish and who are not baptized or received the sacraments.  Amparo is a real key to connecting them to St. Martins where there is a Spanish speaking community to help them.  I feel our presence is a real comfort to them knowing that there is more to life than just existing and getting by.  We offer them the power of the gospel and hope that God is in the midst of their suffering and poverty.  Please pray in particular for Bradley, Zea, Vivian and Michael who are seeking comfort and peace.

And then there are the young adults who think they do not need God.  Please pray in particular for Tyler who initially was turned off by our presence there but later softened up.  I had met him before.  This was his last year of high school and he was going to concentrate on the Martial Arts and make a name for himself.  Well a couple of weeks later we saw him with a foot bandage so maybe he was reconsidering his ambitions.  But we actually did have a very meaningful discussion and the gospel was preached to him.  He was not raised in any particular faith.  He thought that all this God stuff was a myth and was very cynical about life in general.  But you cannot argue with a witness of how God can come into the darkest and loneliness places of our hearts and reveal His love to them which I shared what happened to me.  I told him it is not a coincidence that we met and that God wanted to do a great work in his life.  He willingly took information and a Consecration to Jesus Holy Card which I encourage him to pray before he went to sleep that night.  May Our Lady draw him close to Jesus and reveal His great love to him. SPSE Team Photo