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The Truth Will Set You Free (John 8:31)

April 27, 2024

As I did my usual rounds around the back of the bus terminal, I saw a familiar face of a young adult.  He is always practicing his karate movements so I always steer clear as he is very intense and serious.  But to my surprise he engaged me in a conversation as he knows we are these "religious people" who are always there carrying our rosaries and pamphlets in our hands.  It is almost like he wanted to check something out with me and started to share that he is pursuing  a girl that he really likes.  This very smart girl said that she is not interested in dating if he is not plugged into God.  Wow!  Does she have her head on straight!  I told him that she must be a very special girl!  As a result he started asking me questions about my faith.  He has never been baptized or familiar with the gospel.  It was such a privilege to share with him about God's intention that He created us for eternal life with him forever in heaven but through the envy of the devil we have all been deceived into believing that to be happy we don't really need God and we can make our own way in life.  I lead him to our table at that point and pointed to our pamphlets on Baptism, the Eucharist, the Good News and information about the different Catholic churches in the area. He gladly accepted all the information and I prayed a prayer asking God to guide him.  His bus came at that point.  I had such a joy in my heart as I felt like his mom directing him to a new path where he will find true happiness and fulfillment.  Please pray for Blake that he will act on what was given to him and also pray for a young adult named Angel who has been raised in the Catholic faith but does not practice.  He shared with me a relationship that he is in. I stated to him that sex outside of marriage is a grave sin.  He actually took the pamphlet on Confession on his own initiative at which point I told  him what a grace the sacrament of confession is as there is where I had my conversion.  Please pray he will follow through also and come back to church.

Thank you to Amparo, Sheila and Bob who had many encounters to share the good news.  Pray in particular for Cordell, Paul, Rafael, Juan and Mack that they would  open  their  hearts  to  God.SPSE Team Photo

May God bless and protect our little chapter, that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom and that Our Lady would guide us.