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The Hound of Heaven

November 12, 2019

As Doug and I were setting up the SPSE table, an older Spanish man approached me and wondered why we were there.  He had a scarf around his face as it was pretty cold out so all I could see were his brown eyes.  As we conversed, he shared with me that he had given up on God and that this is the way life is, just getting by and living each day aimlessly.   I shared with him the good news and a bit of my witness and that he can have purpose and meaning in his life.   He was not sold on what I was saying and started to walk away.  I felt a little discouraged but as I followed him to the other side of the terminal I asked him if I could pray for him and asked his name.  I believe that he was very touched by that and said his name was Mauricio.  Pray that the Hound of Heaven would seek him out and reveal his personal love to him.

Doug and I prayed with an elderly gentleman who has a brain tumor.  Pray that God would miraculously remove the tumor and manifest his love to him through this.  As we were praying for the elderly gentleman another man was waiting at the table and was so amazed at all the literature and beautiful medals displayed.  His name was Kenneth and was raised as a Baptist.  As I shared with him the richness of our Catholic faith and especially the Eucharist his eyes lit up.  I gave him information about churches in the area and the brochure "Why Be Catholic"  He was every eager to receive it.  Please pray also for Terrance who I have seen at the bus stop many times and have developed a relationship with, that he would have a desire to seek out the Catholic faith as he works seven days a week.  Doug talked to Takia who took a rosary and was interested in deepening her faith and received information.  A woman named Maria also talked with him who would like prayers for housing.

We were very blessed to have Jeannie Tondo come and help out as she is still grieving the loss of her dear husband Dominic.  Please pray that God would continue to console and strengthen her.  May God continue to bless our little chapter and Mary intercede for us to bear much fruit for his kingdom.