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A Blessed Send Off

October 25, 2021

The plus side of being at a particular SPSE site all these years is we get to run into people whom we had not seen for awhile and catch up.  That was the case of Sarah.  I met her last year and she was new to this area as she was stationed in the military.  She mentioned that she and her husband were looking for a church nearby where she lives.  I gave her all the information.  We met again last Thursday and recognized each other right away.  She was very grateful for hooking her up to the local church and said that she was about to go on an assignment overseas and waiting for her orders.  It was such a privilege to pray with her and over her for God's protection and direction and for the St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to defend her and her husband as I sensed that she was anxious about the future.  Please pray for God's protection over she and her husband.

John was another person whom I had met about 2 years ago.  I remember the conversation that we had had and we picked up right where we had left off.  Because of Covid he said he had been away from his Baptist church and never really pursued about getting baptized.  I encouraged him to speak to his pastor and follow up and gave him the pamphlet about "Last Things" and being Baptized.  I also met a beautiful lady called Lillian who worked with the elderly.  She was suffering from swollen legs and the doctors did not really know what was causing it.  I asked God in the Name of Jesus to take away any swelling and pain and to give the doctors wisdom.  Her bus came at that point and she was very grateful for the prayers.  Please pray for her healing and also Theresa who was given information about housing and the St. Vincent DePaul Society as she is not able to meet the rising cost of rent.

There are many Spanish people, young families in particular, who have left the Catholic Church and therefore not passing on the faith to their children. Amparo was with me and my husband again and had many very important conversations about enrolling their children in a Religious Ed Program at our church.  May God bless all the other people that were given the Good News pamphlet and miraculous medals, that God would draw them to Himself.

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