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December 16, 2021

I remember in my girl scout days which were quite a long time ago, going caroling to the different nursing homes in the area and feeling such joy as we walked through the dark halls bringing in much hope and joy.  But it is the same joy that you experience when you meet people on the street who feel so hopeless and lost.  Tom and I ventured out on a very windy Saturday last week at the bus metro.  I am very grateful to Tom for being able to converse with the many Spanish people that we meet there.  Tom met a refugee from Colombia and he shared his experience coming to the U.S. Tom hooked him up to the Catholic churches in the area.  I am sure it was a great comfort to the man to meet a friendly face in the area and to encourage him in the faith.

Many people I meet have been raised Catholic but for many different reasons have left the faith.  This was the case with the woman, Christine, that I had met.  She was very eager to receive information about returning to the church as I encouraged her no matter how long it has been that she has attended church, God is willing and waiting to pour out His grace and mercy on her.  Please pray that she will respond.

What I believe was a divine appointment at church this past Sunday, I sat next to a woman who I felt was suffering much.  As I prayed during Mass for her and asked the Holy Spirit how I could minister to her, she opened up to me how she has been experiencing much pain from a spinal injury from an epidural she had with her last child twelve years ago. She has been in pain for 12 years!  She never received compensation and was still very angry over this experience.  I felt that God wanted to free her of her ailment and thought of the woman with the hemorrhage who reached out to Jesus to be healed.  I told her I believe God wants to take her pain and heal her, but asked if she had forgiven the people who had caused the injury.  She then began to cry and I assured her that we cannot forgive on our own but only by God's grace.  I asked her permission if she wanted to pray a prayer to forgive and she said yes, that she would say it inside her heart.  I told her God will be so pleased with her taking a step in faith and encouraged her to go to confession.  I then asked her permission if I could pray over her for God to heal her physically and take away the pain and she said yes.  I believe God wants to bring her total healing and I ask that you pray with me also.  Her name is Jennifer.  The Kingdom of God is at hand, and God is pouring out much grace to prepare the way of the Lord during this Advent season!

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