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Now is the Very Acceptable Time

March 6, 2022

My husband Bob and I wanted to take advantage of this spring-like day at the bus metro and to remind everyone of the great grace that is being poured out during this Lenten season.  My heart went out to a lady named Lisa who was raised Lutheran but had been away from the church for awhile.  She shared with me how her children had been away from the church  and that she was suffering with many physical ailments.  I encouraged her that this was a real time of grace and that God wanted to reveal His love to her personally.  I gave her the Good News Pamphlet and told her of the recommitment prayer to God in the pamphlet.  I did not have time to pray with her because her bus came at that time  Please pray that she will take my words to her to heart and return to church.

Please pray also for John, an older African man who had many unresolved issues with the Catholic church.  His wife had left him and he was left raising his two teenage boys.  He was suffering financially as they cut back his hours at work.  I encouraged him to seek out St. Vincent DePaul Society at our parish and our food pantry.  I  prayed with him that God would give him the grace to forgive his wife and that God wanted to take all his burdens from him.  Pray he will surrender them all to the good Lord and seek help.

As I was at the bus stop my heart began to get heavy and weighed down. We see so much suffering and pain in the world around us especially with the Ukraine crisis but God wanted to impress on my heart that the gift of Jesus Christ to the world is not like the trespass.  It far surpasses all the sins and evil that we see in the world around us.  One drop of Jesus's precious holy blood can cleanse the whole world and not to get discouraged and stop believing in the victory that Christ has won for us already.  This is the hope that I need to proclaim to those who are hurting in the world and know that when the gospel is proclaimed there is power to transform hearts and minds.  Jesus, I trust in you.

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