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A Warm Welcome

May 13, 2022



As soon as Bob and I arrived at the bus metro we were greeted by one of the friendly bus drivers who has a regular route there.  He wanted to thank my husband and I for being there and spreading the gospel of peace.  He was Christian himself and it warmed our hearts to receive this message.  We have been coming there for over six years and we bring Our Lady's presence and peace as we pass out the miraculous medals and crosses and share the gospel message.  There are always so many different people that we talk to, from all walks of life.  Ickra, a beautiful Muslim lady accepted a good news pamphlet and she said that they basically believe the same beliefs as we do,  Jesus, was a great prophet, etc.  I shared with her the basic gospel message.  Please pray that as she reads the pamphlet and that God will open up her eyes to the real truth of the gospel and come to experience God's love.  I then met a woman, Brittany.  My heart went out to her as I shared my testimony with her.  She had the most beautiful turquoise eyes and her body was filled with many tattoos.  I could see she had lived a rough life. I told her that she is beautiful in God's eyes and that God loved her.  Her beautiful turquoise eyes lit up and she burst into a big smile.  I felt like it was salve to her heart.  I told her of the prayer in the Good News pamphlet that God wanted to reveal his love to her personally and to give her life to God which she gladly accepted.  Please pray for her.  As I was talking to Brittany, a young man, Todd, came up to me and wanted to talk to me.  I could see he was greatly troubled and wanted to talk to someone.  He was raised Catholic and I felt he needed to talk to a priest.  He welcomed all the information that I gave him to connect him with a parish and he agreed to say the surrender prayer with me.  I told him that God was greatly pleased with his act of faith and I prayed over him.  Please pray that he will follow through.  The final person I talked with was Venessa, a young girl around 15 who had never been baptized and still lived at home.   I told her how important it was to be baptized and gave her information to give to her parents to hook up to a parish near her home and receive the sacraments.  She gladly received it  Pray her parents will be open to check it out!  Thank you Lord for all the encounters that we had.  May it bear much fruit to build up your kingdom here on earth.

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