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Country: United States
State or province: Texas

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Janet Estepp

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A Rainbow and Blue Light in the Sky

May 21, 2023

Our outing on Saturday, May 20, 2023 was a day when the sky was overcast in the early morning but by the time we gathered together to pray the public rosary at 11 a.m. the skies were mostly sunny with cirrus clouds in the southeastern skies.  We began praying the rosary and when we were about half way through one of the women in our group pointed to the sky and remarked that there was a rainbow.  We stopped and looked up and I saw the smallest little rainbow that I have ever seen at the top of the cirrus clouds.  This rainbow was not there very long when it disappeared and a blue light was seen emitting light through the clouds and it followed downward in the trajectory of the line of cirrus clouds.  Since I had prayed to the Blessed Mother beforehand and asked her to be with us while we were praying the rosary that day, this seemed to be a sign from heaven that she was there.  It was a beautiful experience and gave us much hope that our rosary for our nation was heard and received in heaven and would be answered through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God.

Afterwards, most left to go on to do Saturday errands but a couple who had traveled five hours to be with us that morning stayed with me.  We went into the area of the American Legion Post in San Leon, Texas where the veterans were serving lunch.  I ate and we shared with one another our experiences in evangelizing.   There was not much time to evangelize by the time I finished lunch but, I did approach one older woman who was alone and offered her a rosary.  She told me that she was Catholic so she did not accept it.  There was a live band and they started to play music which made it pretty much impossible to evangelize over the loud music.  So we departed ways with the intention to stay in touch.