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Country: United States
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Janet Estepp

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Beautiful Fall Days to Evangelize

October 29, 2023

We are now in beautiful, fall weather and have taken advantage of going out on Saturday mornings to evangelize and spread God's love. We went one Saturday morning to a farmer's market and spoke with many of the vendors and attendees while passing out Miraculous Medals and rosaries. So many beautiful conversations and we gave encouragement to people to return to Christ who loves them and wants a relationship with them. Prayer is how we commune with God and glorifying Him in prayer and worship is so pleasing to Him. We also encouraged one young Catholic woman to go to Mass every Sunday because her eternal salvation is more important than anything else and to take her boyfriend with her since he knew nothing about the Catholic Faith. We took time to prayer with one mother who shared that her son was being deployed to Iraq and she was grateful for the prayers and we promised to continue to pray for him.

Yesterday, we went to a park and did the same thing. We met a immigrant family in the park and although they did not speak English very well, we were able to give them Miraculous Medals and my hope is that the graces they receive from wearing the medals will bless their lives.

I have also begun to offer rosaries and the Miraculous Medals to people that I encounter during the week. I gave one to my hair stylist and she received it with such warmth and happiness and then shared with me her faith life and that of her mother who lives in another country. That sharing of faith brings about a bond of friendship and unity knowing we are on the same journey of salvation.