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Grand Island

Country: United States
State or province: Nebraska

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Dennis Harb

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Honoring Veterans in the park for the 3rd year.

August 24, 2022

We were asked again to evangelize at the Veterans Celebration at Grace Abbott Park. It draws about 650 people each year. They pay tribute to all veterans, have food and have a big classic car show which draws all the people. This was our best year as we had over 150 people stop by our location. We gave away over 50 Rosaries and many Crucifix’s. We got to pray for most all of them and the got to ask if they were Christian, where do they go to church and tell them The Good News of Jesus Christ. Also gave each a Good News Handout Card. When we asked if we could pray for them and they said no, we held up our Prayer Station Sign and asked if any of the human problems listed on the sign reminded them of something they needed to get prayer for. Most all reconsidered and we got to pray with them. A productive day. The Holy Spirit was very present.SPSE Team Photo