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Grand Island

Country: United States
State or province: Nebraska

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Dennis Harb

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On Vacation

April 28, 2022

On Vacation my wife and I were in Tempe, Arizona. I walk a lot and needed a new pair of walking shoes. She took me to Dick’s Sporting Goods, to get the shoes. I picked out my shoes and before I got to the counter to pay for them, three clerks can up and said they liked the Saint  Benedict Crucifix I was wearing. I gave them each a crucifix and this opened the door to ask, are you Christian, what church do you attend, can I pray for you, can I do anything else for you? They put their crucifix’s on in the store. I get a lot of comments on my crucifix and opens the door for evangelization. I was on vacation, but the Holy Spirit still sent people to me!SPSE Team Photo