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Evangelizing at ‚ÄúTrunk or Treat‚ÄĚ

September 16, 2019

We set up a table at the ‚ÄúTrunk or Treat‚ÄĚ event at a local parish¬†thinking maybe we could give a few kids a rosary.
     The 100 or so rosaries we brought were all accepted, along with pamphlets on how to pray the rosary. Lucky for us one of our members had more rosaries with him.
We brought almost 100 Miraculous medals, and after giving them away we gave away the extras that we had in our pockets.
     Many adults were interested to hear the story of the medal, and a few who were not familiar with praying the rosary were willing to hear about how the rosary was an ancient prayer and meditation on the events of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother. After learning a little, they took rosaries and pamphlets for several members of their family.
     We had our usual rack of pamphlets set up, and a few Catholics took pamphlets on confession.
     In a discussion with one family, the mother told us that she attended mass but had never received her first communion. When we told her about RCIA and put her in touch with the local director, she was very excited to get started.
     Overall  it was a huge success, and I recommend that everyone plan to find a similar event to evangelize at next year.