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Night Fever at St. John the Evangelist

September 16, 2019

Night Fever is happening at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church.
What is Night Fever?

On the fourth Thursday each month adoration of our Lord takes place from 9 PM to 10 PM as the liturgy of the hours is prayed. Disciples of Christ sent by Fr. Rick Nagel, pastor of St. John the Evangelist, go into the night to encounter and invite anyone they meet on the street to come into the church, light a candle and pray.

They are invited to pray for peace in our city, our nation and the world. They are invited to pray for a loved one who is suffering or for a personal intention. What ever their need they are welcomed into the opened doors of the church to find hope and peace in their lives.

Fr. Nagel has invited St Paul Street Evangeilization to participate in Night Fever to help those seeking answers to find them, Catholic answers. That night several people came in saying they had often walked past, but had never entered the church. They remarked how beautiful it was and how much they appreciated being invited to come in. I remember four young Black men in particular who were not Catholic. I asked them if they prayed and they said yes, I told them that they should have a rosary so that they could pray a powerful prayer and explained how the prayers were based on scripture. They all eagerly accepted the rosaries and Miraculous medals we offered them, happy to share their time with us.

This being my first time I must admit it was a bit exciting to meet and speak with people willing to share with us and allow us to pray for them in their circumstance. No confrontation, no challenges or arguments, just a kind word, an offer of friendship, and a chance to perhaps encounter Christ on the streets of Indianapolis.