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Country: United States
State or province: Louisiana

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Jamillah Grant

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Cook Off and Car Show 2024

March 15, 2024

On our fourth annual attendance in the Divine Mercy Parish Car show, I decided to enter my car and have the Evangelization Ministry be a more integral part of the festival.  As soon as we set up our tent and began to display our pamphlets and Miraculous Medals, a crowd gathered at the table.  I was a little dismayed and didn’t realize that it was the group of people with their Corvette cars alongside us.  By that time Chuck and I had not had a chance to get out our pen and paper to record much about the encounter. Betty and Mel Theriot joined us in the booth which drew more people as we recognized other people at the car show.  As we continue to evangelize old friends about returning to the Catholic Church, we gathered a couple of serious requests for prayers for the illness of friends and themselves.  We explained our procedure that we record the prayer requests, then at the end of the car show we would visit The Adoration Chapel to present them before the Eucharist.

Occasionally, I would check on my car to see if I needed to make any changes to its presentation.  I called my husband to come and help me raise the hood since I had a professional steam clean for display, I thought it should be seen.  Each of the SPSE evangelist took turns walk around viewing the cars and making comments about them along with directing their owners to our tent.

Earlier in the week, I got a lead that someone from New Orleans was interested in our group. I had made contact with him and invited him to join our group, if he could possibly do so. It was getting later in the afternoon and I was wondering whether he would find the time to drive to Kenner to join us.  I had decided that maybe he would not come; but just as I did, my phone rang and he asked how to find our tent.  We had all settled back to the SPSE tent when the call came in and I asked everyone to remain to meet possibly a new member of our team.  Just as I saw a red buffer jacket walking briskly toward us, I knew it was him, Peter had arrived. We made our introductions and got acquainted very easily. Pete brought us news that our colleague in New Orleans had passed away.  We traded condolences about Phillip who had passed away. We wondered if we had had a chance to talk to him and ask him for advice about his evangelization opportunities what would he have liked for us to continue to do. Just then, we heard the car show announcements were beginning.  I took the prayer requests to The Adoration Chapel.

In case you are wondering about my entry, No I didn’t get a recognition for my entry but it was the best car show which we had ever evangelized.  We handed out more than a dozen Miraculous Medals; two sincere prayer requests and possibly new member of our team.SPSE Team Photo