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Jamillah Grant

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Precious Lord Lead Me Home

April 10, 2024

On our previous tour, we encountered several grieving widows. After praying for them and getting in touch with the pastor about our encounters, the thought of their pain and loss continued to nag at us. The prayer warriors continue to pray that they will be healed. I was a bit overwhelmed by the immense amount of grieving and discussed with my prayer partner whether we should do more.

On the First Saturday of the month, we have a special devotion to Mary. It starts with confession then follows with reciting of the Rosary and attending Mass. This is also the day for our regularly scheduled door to door outing. We met at the Adoration for a moment of silence in the presence of the Lord. The night before an old traditional spiritual kept ringing in my head, “Precious Lord lead me home.” It persisted as I prayed. So, the thought that Betty and I should follow up with each of the grieving persons was put into action.

We checked our visitation roster for the addresses of those who had responded that they wanted to talk to the priest. Then we headed back for a second encounter with those persons. Our first stop was to consult with the woman who had lost so many close relatives. However, no one was home or didn’t answer the door when we knocked. Next on our list was the widow who had recently lost her husband. We were able to speak with her.

At first, she was slightly defensive about a call from the pastor (that she had not answered). After more discussion, we noticed that she softened her replies and begin to accept the follow up. Again, the thought entered my head, guided by the Holy Spirit, I began to ask her questions. Are you a Catholic? She replied, yes. Then I suggested that she read a few of the pamphlets and I read them off slowly. I suggested that she read, the “Ten Reasons Why You Should Return to the Catholic Church”. I realized that I had made an assumption but it had already escaped my lips. Therefore, I hazarded forward with the next question. Have you seen this pamphlet about Confessions? I noticed she was tuned into the title as I read it. So, I pressed onward about the contents. This one gives you a step-by-step explanation on why one should go to confession. While holding the pamphlet in full view, I continued to explain that the pamphlet gives a step-by-step instruction of what to do and say during confession. Next, I introduced that it contained an examination of conscience as valuable tool for those who may not have been to confession for some time. Then it occurred to me that I also use it on a regular basis. So, I gave my “one good reason” why I use it. “Going to confession reminds me of being called to the principal's office which was always something that made me nervous”. She smiled and reached for it. Before leaving for our next household, we gave her some additional readings such as; Praying the Rosary and the First Saturday pamphlets along with a St. Jerome Bulletin. As we left her door, I felt that our visit had given her a way to return home.

After, my prayer partner and I returned to our vehicle we discussed that the follow up should be a regular part of debriefing our door-to-door outings. It seemed to be very valuable to reaching out for a much better result in bringing persons back to the Eucharist. We prayed our parting prayer. The Holy Spirit will lead her home back to the Catholic Church!