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It Was All Worth It

May 6, 2024

This blog was reported by Chuck Luquet, an Evangelist and Prayer Warrior for the Kenner, Louisiana Team

Two unforgettable joys from the last Saturday of our First Saturday encounters:

After knocking on doors for a couple of blocks, we knocked on the door of a middle-aged man. Coleen and I introduced ourselves and explained our Evangelization mission. He stated that he is Muslim. We asked if he would allow us to pray with him. He agreed and together we prayed to the Creator, God of all and for the propagation of peace and love to all.
While the prayer went further, the feeling of sharing the love of God was there. It was an unexpected, very good encounter.

Our next encounter, A elderly man answered the door after we were already at the sidewalk heading away from the home. After going back to the door, you could feel the sense of need in the air. At first glance, we could tell that he was ill. He explained slowly that they were Catholic but have been going to a nondenominational church. He went on to explain that he had more than one stroke. His wife joined him at the door. Jamillah and Colleen offered them opportunities for prayer, expressed Savior’s love for them. Then we invited them for a celebration with us at enthronement of the Blessed Virgin Mary happening Tuesday at St. Jerome's Parish. Colleen gave each of them SPSE miraculous metals, as well as contact information for their parish of St. Jerome and its Pastor, Fr. David Dufour. They talked about their love for the Adoration Chapel at Our Lady of Perpetual Help which is several miles away. We offered them information about two other adoration chapels nearer to them; the 24hr Adoration Chapel at Divine Mercy Parish and the daily morning adoration Chapel at St. Jerome Parish. Colleen shared about her joyful relationship and encounters with the Blessed Mother and how Mary can help them, also. They were given the First Saturday devotion and explained that today was the fifth Saturday of the First Saturday Devotion.

Jamillah started us praying with them, and for them with focus on his health and calling on the Lord for healing. When this was finished and I looked up, they were in tears, and seemingly full of grace and gratitude. His wife said, through her emotions, that she has had heart issues. So, we continued to pray to include her health needs. We prayed more. They asked for our contact information just in case they wanted or needed to call us. Colleen and Chuck left their information.
If this couple were the only people, we encountered in all of the many doors that we knocked on such a hot and balmy day, then it was all worth it.