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Saturday, May 17th Highlights of Street Evangelization

September 16, 2019

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This was the first week for the Lincoln SPSE team to hit the streets!  Saturday, we set up on a street corner close to the farmer’s market from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.  There were 8 of us, thus we each took on an hour – two people at a time.  We plan to be there every Saturday throughout the summer.

There were many fruitful conversations with practicing Catholics, but there were three conversations with non-Catholics that stood out.  Carolyn spoke with a man who had recently married.  He was a baptized Catholic but his parents had divorced when he was very young.  His mother (whom he lived with) was not Catholic and he had only been in a Catholic Church a few times.  He had tried many churches, including Mormonism for a while, but said that he had not yet found the right fit – yet he considered himself a Christian.  He volunteered at City Mission and Matt Talbot and seemed to be open to the faith.  He asked what the closest Catholic Church was and gladly accepted a Rosary.  He said that he had a friend who would likely come with him that was also baptized Catholic, but non-practicing.  Carolyn told him that we will be here at the market all summer so that if he has any further questions, we could help.

The next story was with Jared and Bill talking to an older couple.  The husband was a Baptist, and the wife a fallen-away Catholic.  They were very receptive to a conversation on the faith and gladly accepted the Rosary, Miraculous Medal and SPSE pamphlet on “Reasons to come back to the Church.”

The last story was from Jared and Bill as well.  They noticed a girl sitting on a bench close by that kept looking over.  Bill engaged “Laura” in a wonderful conversation.  She was a PhD candidate at UNL who said she was “searching.”  She was very friendly and open to the faith and accepted a Miraculous Medal and one of every pamphlet we had as well as Scott Hahn’s conversion story DVD.  Bill told her about the extraordinary Newman Center on campus and invited her to a Bible study.