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Philadelphia - Lower Bucks County

Country: United States
State or province: Pennsylvania

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Nancy Hoyt

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Holy Saturday (3-30-2024) Downtown Philly

April 1, 2024

On Holy Saturday, our team leader Nancy organized an outing in downtown Philadelphia. The weather was bright and sunny, but a bit chilly because of the winds, but far better than the prior Saturday, which had drenching rain. We had a total of five people to evangelize, and decided to split into two groups: Nancy, along with our two young first-time volunteers Cole and Isaiah, set up their station in Logan Circle, directly across from the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Rich and I headed a few blocks away to Suburban Station, and we set up our stand near the Sixteenth Street entrance. The Logan Circle group encountered many passersby, undoubtedly a lot of tourists, but they were somewhat disappointed by how few took the time to stop for prayer or to accept the free religious medals and rosaries that were offered. At Suburban Station, there was initially a limited number of people passing through, but within a half hour, there were many people coming off the trains arriving in center city. Even though the total number of people who stopped to talk amounted to eleven people (not counting those people who quickly accepted a religious article), each group had three long encounters, for which we were all grateful. Please join us in a quick prayer for each of the following people who requested our intercessions:
Hassan - a homeless man who needs shelter and direction
Maya - to be admitted to a good college
John - that his recently departed friend Jeanette be received into Paradise
Kathryn - for her safety
Miguel - general intentions
Pam - to get a good new job and to meet a nice man to marry
Robert - general intentions
Vince in wheelchair - for peace in the world
Jermaine - for his family
Jeff - general intentions
Charlie - to make good decisions in life and to meet a nice woman to marry
We will reach out again in a few weeks to organize another evangelization session, and hope that you will consider joining us! We were very impressed with the deep spirituality of our new young volunteers, both only 17 years old but who truly were inspirational in their willingness to help us out. God is truly good!
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