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Suburban Station Philadelphia 3-26-2017

September 19, 2019

I personally feel tremendously blessed to have been allowed to be an instrument of Christ’s love to our culture in Center City Philadelphia – Suburban Station today!  We distributed about 50 rosaries and 25 holy medals (St. Michael Archangel, St. Peter/Paul, St. Patrick).  Once again we discovered that there are many many people who want to pray to Our Lord and hear about His peace, joy, love and His Church. (NH)

Father in heaven, we know you heard our prayers today with these folks, please bless them for their humility in asking for help with prayer and answer their prayers as only You can, through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Carlton (who makes rosaries and wants everyone to pray the rosary)
Jasmine: starting new job, has two children, wants to support them well
Mary Lou: for her family
Greg: for his family
Brandon: for his alcoholic mother, his sick grandmother, his deceased grandfather
Michael and Jackie: homeless, want to get home, want to get jobs
Robert: for general prayer
Jamal: for general prayer
Paul: pray for his surgery he has growth on brain, Veteran, surgery 4-5-17
Elijah: he wants to get a job and an apartment
Kenneth: he praises God every day!
Ray: for general prayer
Michael: for a house to live
Joseph: for general prayer
Joe: for a house to live
Nicholas: for his friend Nick incarcerated, to find work and a home, for his SSI to come in
Doris: guidance for her retirement
Katrina: fiance legal problems and missing
Michelle: guidance to make right choices and have the daily protection of God
Marie and Nathan: one year anniversary of his baptism today! General intention for Marie, prayer for Nathan’s mother
Frank: for his work today and everyday with autistic support
Samantha, Willie: to be able to continue to work and have good health
Judy: for her to find peace in the Lord as she misses her deceased husband Robert (5years) terribly