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Palm Sunday 4-9-2017 Ben Franklin Parkway

September 19, 2019

(Written by NHoyt)

Don and Nancy were blessed with a beautiful Palm Sunday day to evangelize on the parkway! Β Glory be to God!

There were many tourists in town, several conventioneers, and some from our own Philly area. Β Words cannot express the joy we have personally had today working to bring our Lord and His message of peace, hope, joy and love to the warm hearts we met. Β We gave out about 20 rosaries and close to 50 religious medals!

During the week I admit to occasionally entertaining the evil one asking me what good is it to do street evangelization, who are you to think you can and should do this, how is this helping humanity in relationship to Jesus, how is this helping His Church, and is this pleasing to Our Lord? Afterwards, all I can say is it does much good, it brings much love, God loves us and wants us to spread His Good News of His love, and God is very happy with us doing this loving work for Him and there are many beautiful souls hungry for a relationship with God, like us! Β Thank you Jesus and thank you especially St. Peter for your intercession today, when we recalled the times you denied Our Lord and came to regret it so, it brought to mind the many times I have done this in my life and my wish for amends for not being braver for you always Lord.

Please keep the following people and intentions in your prayers:

Jacqueline – needs back and hip surgery, in pain; we prayed for her miraculous healing.

Bill – prayers for employment

Dwayne – prayers for his friend Will

Nate – general intention

Alexa and Diana – general intention

Sandra – for the souls in purgatory and especially her mother, father and brother whom she prays for there and for her to receive signs when they have received admittance to heaven with Jesus

Kevin – for his Aunt Lola with asthma

Riccaro – general intention

Tereta – for peace to be rid of her anger issues and for her grandmom

Rocky – for his friend Ed suffering with a heart condition, prayers for good doctors and good treatment and for Ed’s problems with his girlfriend too

Darnell, Shineesh, Shamika – for wealth of finances, health, love and joy

Maryla – for her health

Ashley – for peace and for word that her family is ok

Raneeka – she desires to forgive her ex fiancee who broke her heart and to be able to be in the presence of him and his wife and his family and not feel hurt, discomfort, dislike, disruption of peace; she is ready to be rid of her hurt and unforgiveness

Nicole and Mandy – for her 91 year old grandmom who would like to die and go to heaven soon

Family – for their cousin Alex who passed away; please send a sign that he is ok and with Jesus in heaven

Nashton – healing of his injured wrist and for his help with everything, feeling despair πŸ™

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