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April 30th – Logan Square Center City Philly

September 19, 2019

(NH)  Today was an amazing day for Cheryl and Nancy, doing St. Paul Street Evangelization in Philadelphia!

A gentleman came by and when we asked if he would like a religious medal or a rosary, he held up his hand and showed us his rosary wrapped around his hand, with the crucifix between his thumb and forefinger.  While holding this for us to see, he exclaimed that we had given him the rosary a few weeks back and that he hasn’t let go of it since.  He told us that his name is Donald and that we had prayed with him when we gave him the rosary.  Donald told us that “we were going to think this was crazy” but his problems have been going away and his life was on course in great ways, ever since we prayed with him.  We told him that we didn’t think it was crazy at all and we were so pleased and thankful to know that God has heard and answered his and our prayers.  He is starting a new job next week and we prayed with him again, praising God and asking Him to continue to guide Donald in all of his decisions.  Donald told us that what we were doing, taking time from our days to come out and pray with people, was wonderful and that he is so thankful for us and to keep up our good work.  Wow! ~ Praise be to God for He is so great!!!


We also had many encounters that were particularly unique because they were so geared towards providing much information.  One gentleman Alec, was very interested in discussing Catholic teaching regarding what happens to a person’s soul after death.  We touched on salvation through Christ, repentance, purgatory, and the final judgement.  Another fellow, Victor, was very interested in hearing about Catholic teaching and the steps to becoming a Catholic.  Some Indian families who were brought up in the Hindu tradition were curious about Christianity in general.  We shared our email contact information with many, and hope to hear back from some of the lovely souls we had the good fortune to meet and pray with today.

Please keep the following people and their intentions in your prayers:

Brian – He is homeless and prays to get an apartment and be able to see his daughter more.

Narry – Please pray for the father of her daughter, his name is Rene, he has suffered a brain aneurysm; also please pray for the soul of Narry’s brother, Vulrath, he is deceased and she has worrisome dreams of him and would like a sign that he is in heaven.

Steve – Private intention.

Lynne Marie – Prays to give up smoking and not have the addiction any more.

Donald – Pray for his new job and for him to clearly know the choices to make in life that will help him follow God’s will for his life.

Nicole – Prayers for Healing from lupus and to get a job be sezzzt free from her fears.

Alec – General intention and to grow closer to Jesus and His Church.

Bill – Pray for him in his loneliness over loss of his wife Norma 4 years ago; prays for peace, love and joy in his life.

2 Indian Families – Hindu background, very interested in learning about Christianity, pray that they continue to seek and come to know Jesus Christ.

Linda – Pray for her health, cholesterol high and has heart and lung problems.

John – Pray for his safety as park ranger and for his son Mitchell being deployed in 6 months.

Victor – Prays for help with healthier lifestyle, to become closer to God and His Son Jesus, and to come to know the Catholic Church and consider RCIA.

Rafael – Prays for peace in his family.

Mikeesh – Prays to know the Lord and to grow in love of Christ.

Amelia – Prays to be cancer free for all of the days of her life.

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