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State or province: Pennsylvania

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Saturday Morning, 20 May 2017 – Ordination Day

September 19, 2019

While the weather had suddenly changed overnight from sunny and hot to overcast, windy and cool, we were determined to not to let the meteorological conditions get in the way of our evangelization work. Around 9:30 AM, we arrived at our usual spot overlooking the Cathedral, where two young men were preparing to be ordained to the priesthood. Within seconds of sezzztting up our stand, a young man cane along the Parkway and readily engaged in talk about our Christian faith, and we had a good number of positive encounters during the ensuing two hours. One striking moment occurred when a large group of people came marching up the street to bring awareness to the plight of suicidal veterans. They took note of our stand, and at least five marchers stopped to get religious medals before continuing onward.

Please consider joining our group’s efforts in the coming weeks, and keep the followers my individuals and their intentions in your prayers:

  • Ricardo – that his mother has a safe trip Puerto Rico tomorrow, as well as for his material needs and upcoming birthday on May 26
  • Enrisa – that God heal her hand, which is to be re-operated on in two weeks
  • Julia – that God bless her son Dylan as he embarks on his high school career
  • Randy – that he can attend his mother’s funeral in Scranton
  • George – that he get his identification papers and a permanent home
  • Shane – that he have a safe trip to Baltimore
  • EJ – that God attend to hissafety and protection
  • Mike – that God restore his health
  • Teresita and Samantha – that Samantha has a untroubled move to California
  • Hassan – that God restore peace to our world
  • Ahmed – that God answer his general prayers
  • Thomas More – that he be closer to God and assured of his salvation

God bless,

Deacon Mark