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Saturday June 10th – Warm day / Warm hearts Philly

September 19, 2019

(NH) Dan and Nancy went downtown today to our beautiful city of brotherly love to share our love of Christ and His Church with our community. This was Dan’s first outing with our team ~ he had worked with the first Philadelphia team and we are so blessed to have him join us!  Dan’s son is a Franciscan Friar and Dan has requested some of his son’s buddies to remember our ministry in their prayers. Thank you Dan and Franciscan Friars!

It was an extra special day at the cathedral nearby, with 12 new permanent deacons receiving Holy Orders.  We were fortunate to be able to see the Diaconate community preparing their celebration in the cathedral chapel ahead of time.  May our Lord bless and guide these men in their vocation and service to His Church. Praise be to God!

On the sidewalk we met many people who accepted our offers of rosaries, religious medals and prayers.  We had the opportunity to explain to many how to pray the rosary, the source of the prayers of the rosary, how the rosary is prayer based on the meditation of the Gospel as well as requesting intercessory prayer from Mary, our Blessed Mother.  A sweet Mormon couple in visiting from Utah were particularly interested in understanding the prayer and took a rosary with prayer booklet with them.

We shared many miraculous medals, SS Peter and Paul medals, and we had one couple who were nothing short of ecstatic to receive St. Padre Pio medals, having great love for this saint and feeling very fortunate that we had these medals to share.  They were from New Jersey and we told them about St. Bede the Venerable Church’s upcoming Padre Pio festival and that his relic will be there along with amusements for the children.  They were happy to receive this information and they blessed us and thanked us profusely!

With the diaconate ordination going on, it was ironic that we met a lovely couple, Deacon Sam and Kathleen, in visiting from Peoria.  They planned to visit our cathedral after the crowd left.  We had the opportunity to pray with them and to share information about St. Paul Street Evangelization as they might have chapters near their home as well. They were very interested and blessed us for our street evangelization work.

Meeting people, praying with them, hearing about what they have going on in their lives, sharing our love of Christ and His Church, telling them about the peace and joy and love that we are all called to share, as “little Christs” in our broken world, on the sidewalk of Philadelphia has again and again brought grace and joy into our lives and considering the responses of those we meet, theirs as well.  So many are very thankful to us, building us up, blessing us for our prayer station, and showing kindness and friendship to us.  We are truly blessed to be allowed to work in this ministry for Our Father’s kingdom!

Please keep the following people and their intentions in your prayers in the upcoming weeks:

Raheem – prays for employment in food service industry as a chef.

Melissa – Prays to be blessed with conceiving and having a baby.

Scott, Alexandra, Regan, and Madison – Prayers for the health and wellness of their family.

John – Prays for health and wellness.

Winston – Prays for everyone to know Our Lord.

Hah – Prays to be reunited with her family; she has made bad choices and has many regrets. She and her family need to be blessed with forgiveness and mercy for eachother.

Donald – Prays for his girlfriend Sharon who has suffered with heart problems.

Clark and Emma – Pray for safety and health on their long trip driving back to Utah.

Pablo – Prays for his wife.

Jerome – Prays for our broken world and for President Trump to know God’s will and to have courage and perseverance and humility in doing it.

Joseph – Prays for his plans to work out well.

Kathleen and Deacon Sam – Prays for their children and particularly their son Luke who has choices to make.

Jim – A candidate for the diaconate – Pray for his formation.

Chung – Prays for all of the homeless people living downtown.

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