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Jefferson Station, Saturday 17 June 2017

September 19, 2019

After attending the 8:00 AM Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Nancy and I headed off to center-city Philadelphia to engage in evangelization work.  The weather forecast was not good, so we agreed to take the train into town and work inside the station.  By the time we arrived in Jenkintown there was a cloudburst, so we were glad for having decided to take the train to center city.  We had a delay at the next stop due to a power failure in the railway lines, but the problem was fortunately resolved in less than five minutes and we were soon on our way.   As we approached center city, we decided to try Jefferson Station this time instead of Suburban Station, and we sezzzt up our stand at the exit leading to the bus terminal and Chinatown.
Perhaps half the passersby were people of oriental extraction, and the vast majority of them had limited to no knowledge of English.  Nonetheless, we were able to engage at least a fifteen people in conversation over the next 90 minutes.  When it was time to return home, we discovered that to our dismay that there was a 40 minute wait for the next train into Jenkintown, which usually has trains every 15 to 20 minutes.  However, it proved to be a real blessing, for we were able to speak at great length with a Iraqi War veteran named Michael Anthony.  Michael had seen us praying with another man who had seen our sign in the waiting area, and after he left, Michael asked us to intercede for him.  We noticed that he had a large tattoo of Our Lady of Guadalupe on his upper left arm, and he gladly accepted a Miraculous Medal on a chain that we offered him.  As it turned out, Michael was taking the same train as we were, and he followed us into the car and took a seat directly ahead of us to continue the conversation.  Michael opened up to us during the ride, admitting that he had only been baptized Catholic and had never received the other sacraments of initiation.  He is receiving government assistance to help him in his recovery from past substance abuse, and is now preparing to rebuild his life.  He has a job interview at 10:00 AM on Monday in Warminster, and he rode the train on Saturday to make sure that he could find the company easily for his appointment.  He has children with a woman in New Jersey, and is anxious to be reunited with them and create a real family.  We gave him our contact information and encouraged him to reach out to us and get into RCIA this coming Fall.  It was obvious by his demeanor that Michael is taking all of this very seriously, so please pray for him actively, as well as for the following other individuals whom we encountered:
  • George – for peace within his family and world
  • Martin – for his mother and anxiety problems
  • LuAnn – general prayer for help
  • George – for help battling substance abuse
  • Deena – general prayer for help
  • Stacy & Alia – healing from accident and brother who died
  • Julie – for help for her friend Ethan
  • Jim – for a safe trip
  • Anthony – for peace after altercation with a homeless man
  • Chelsea – for her special intentions
  • Mickey – for his special intentions
  • Richard – for his special intentions
  • Larry – for his finances
  • Alfred – for God’s blessings on him and his family
  • Earl – for his business and his Mother Debbie
  • Michael Anthony – for better health and a new job
  • Reuben – for his struggles with substance abuse
  • Derrick – for peace in the world

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