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Saturday, 24 June 2017: Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

September 19, 2019

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Heavy rains swept through Philadelphia between 2 and 8 AM, but thankfully the sky began to clear during Mass.  When we emerged from Church, any threat of rain was well past, so we headed down to the Cathedral to engage in our street evangelization efforts.
To be honest, it took a good 20 minutes to have our first decent encounter on Logan Circle, but once we got our first fish on the line, the situation dramatically improved.  Among the notable meetings was with a young couple expecting their first baby.   Susan was raised Catholic and her husband is Protestant, but Nick willingly accepted one of our crucifixes and readily consented to praying with us.  Before departing, he told us what a beautiful experience he had had, with arms locked with us in prayer, and we assured him that we would continue praying for his intentions in the weeks ahead.   They were followed by a young family from South Carolina with five children.  The husband was a former Catholic married to a Protestant, but he spoke eagerly with us, prayed with us and chose various sacramentals for his children and himself.  A middle aged man (Robert) then stopped by and confessed that he had stopped going to Church because he was angry with God after his mother died.  We patiently explained how God can be found in the midst of suffering, and he accepted our prayers and promised to stop by the Cathedral to speak with one of the priests.   A while later, a woman stopped her bicycle when she saw our sign and asked if we could pray with her.   With tears brimming in her eyes, Julie told us that she was raised Methodist and had grown son addicted to drugs and in jail.  After praying for her and Luke, we offered Julie two crucifixes (for her and her son), as well as a rosary.   We gave her an explanatory pamphlet and showed her how to pray the rosary, and she thanked us heartily for our help.  We concluded by giving her our calling card, and urged her to stay in touch.
It is difficult to put into words the joy that we experience with such encounters, which give us the incentive to expand our ministry.  Please use the convenient Doodle link to sign up for service, pray for the following people whom we encountered on Logan Circle:
  • Susan and Nick – for their unborn baby, for their search for a new apartment, and for their friend’s young son (Henry), who is battling leukemia.
  • Victor – for peace in the USA (he is a Honduran immigrant)
  • Patricia – general intentions
  • Julie – her son Luke  is in the third week of a 6-month jail sentence in an out of state prison and addicted to drugs
  • Nadir, Norainne and baby Tiara – for permanent shelter and work opportunity
  • Madison – general intentions
  • Franklin – for a job and his family
  • Ramsey – for a nice stay in Philadelphia and safe return to Hagerstown (MD)
  • Juan – for his family
  • Donald – for his family and employment situation
  • Carlos – general intentions
  • Bill – for employment and shelter
  • Angel – for a job
  • Marcus – for financial help
  • Raheem – for peace
  • Josh, Haley and family – for a nice stay in Philadelphia and safe return to South Carolina
  • Maleek – general intentions
  • Tony – permanent shelter
  • Jerry – general intentions
  • Robert – for his return to the practice of the faith after loss of his mother
  • Harry – for good health
  • Phyllis – for shelter