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Saturday, 8 July 2017: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

September 19, 2019

As there was no threat of rain this Saturday morning, we decided to pursue the long-standing goal of trying street evangelization in front of a major hospital with a sidewalk.   We opted for the area around Children’s Hospital and the adjacent Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, as we imagined there would be a fair amount of foot traffic at both facilities.  Following the advice of a nearby campus police officer, we sezzzt up our stand in front of the main entrance of CHoP.  Within a few minutes of two very decent encounters, a security guard politely but firmly had us move away from the doors to the outer sidewalk.  We were at first a bit discouraged, but within a few minutes, we were able to engage a few more passersby.  The heat got increasingly intense, so we eventually moved our stand into the shade of a bus shelter even further away from the entrance.   That worked for a while, but a different guard emerged from the building and told us to move off their sidewalk.  He said that we could place the stand on the other half of the walk closer to the street in front of the bus stop, so we obliged him and went back into the blazing sun.  Whenever people walked into the shade, we would go up to meet them, and that proved to be a useful work around solution.
As we had imagined beforehand, we met a number of people enduring major life crises due to serious illness in their families.  They were eager to have us pray with them, and many of them spent more than 10 minutes talking with us.  It ended up being an incredibly moving morning, and the last quarter hour was absolutely awe-inspiring.  When we walked back to the parking garage around 11:45 AM, we spotted a woman ahead talking on her cell phone who was visibly upsezzzt.  As we got closer, we made eye contact and she in turn spotted our sign.  Although she was still talking on the phone, we asked her if we could pray with her.  She told the person on the other end of the line that she would call back, and as soon as she hung up, she literally bounded to her feet and told us that we couldn’t have come by at a better time.  Her ex-husband was in HUP battling a heart condition; their son was in the other end of the hospital due to a sezzztback with juvenile diabetes; she was trying to visit both men without revealing that the other was hospitalized.  She cried as we prayed over her, and at the end, she literally fell to her knees on the sidewalk and thanked God for bringing us by.  As we drove home, we thanked God for allowing us to minister to so many needy people, and we will definitely return to the area on future occasions.
Please pray for all the following people that we met during our session:
  • Margie – for her Dad John and her brother-in-law John
  • John – for his son Vincent, who is hospitalized due to Chrohn’s disease and almost died last year from a sezzztback
  • Linaya – who is ill
  • Marie – for her husband Earl, who needs a  liver transplant
  • Elmira – for her daughter Gabriela and her newborn son Adoninus
  • Damaris – for her 5-year-old son Giovanni who is ill
  • Ona – for strength and health
  • Kenny – for his great-grandson John, who  is seven and suffered a heart attack
  • Christina – for her son Easton, who is undergoing heart surgery
  • Daniel and Michael – for peace and joy in life
  • Bus driver – who accepted rosary before pulling out
  • Alberto – who has cancer
  • Jennifer – whose third born child Victoria has been in the hospital for her entire one year of life, battling hypoplastic left heart syndrome.   She has had to spend most of her time at the hospital, leaving her other two children (Juan and Caleb) with her mother and sister
  • Solomon – for peace and health
  • Brody – for his wife Mary
  • Kedros – for health
  • Tamara – for her grandmother Gina, who is hospitalized with cancer
  • Dana – for her mother Alberta, who is in treatment at HUP
  • Maleeka –  for struggles with faith
  • Christine – for her baby Dominic, who is ill
  • Joanne – for her mother, who is having surgery
  • Mary Chris – for restoration of her health
  • Brendan –  who is almost 7 years old and has just had his tracheotomy tube removed for the first time
  • Kim – for her ex-husband Joseph, who requires heart surgery, and for her son Nicholas, who is hospitalized with complications from juvenile diabetes

Deacon Mark, 08 July 2017

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