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Saturday, 15 July 2017 – Return to Children’s Hospital

September 19, 2019

After our first successful experience in front of Children’s Hospital last Saturday, we decided to sezzzt up our prayer station at the same spot today.  The skies began to clear as we arrived, and we were soon working under the bright sun in very humid conditions.  Despite the sultry weather, we were undeterred, and our patience was quickly rewarded with powerful encounters with passersby.  One of the first visitors to our station was a young woman named Melanie, who had gone to the hospital for an MRI as part of her treatment for Crohn’s disease.  She was more concerned for her brother, who also suffers from Crohn’s but has not been taking good care of himself.  Among the more touching stories was our meeting with AJ, a young father whose daughter Sophia was diagnosed with medullablastoma (a brain tumor) in early 2016.  Sophia’s condition had significantly improved with treatment during the first year, but the cancer has begun worsening and spreading over the past few months.   AJ is married to a Catholic woman and Sophia is their only child, and she has now been labeled as Stage IV.   AJ readily accepted a religious medal and our offer to pray with him, and at the end, tears dotted his cheeks.  As it turns out, the family is moving into the confines of our parish, and he asked for our calling card so that he could contact us.   Shortly afterward, a woman approached our station and asked for prayers for her 21 year old nephew, who had received two replacement heart valves yesterday, as he had outgrown the valves installed when he was a child.  We remained at the station for two solid hours, and as we walked back to the garage with our equipment, a woman called out to us, and we immediately recalled that she had been up the block from us talking with another man.  It turned out that Bobbie was a Protestant Christian, and she was taken by our efforts to pray for everyone and asked that we intercede for her son, who had received a heart transplant in 2009 at age 13.  There is evidence that his body is now rejecting the heart, and he may need a new heart.  We prayed for Bobbie and her son Steven, and promised to continue interceding for them in the weeks ahead.  Please remember all the following people in your own prayers:
  • Joyce & Kerin – that the City of Philadelphia will not seize the property of their church, Russell Tabernacle CME.
  • Raymond – for his family
  • Melanie – for healing from Crohn’s disease for herself and her brother Sean, who also suffers from alcoholism
  • Trinity – for healing from autism
  • Mary – for her husband Robert, who was recently discovered to have a mass in his cerebellum
  • Marilyn – for her father Kay, who has pancreatic disease
  • Tony – for his child, who is in CHoP
  • Chloe – a 1½ year old girl with kidney disease, being treated in CHoP
  • Cheryl – for her son Dillon, a ten year old boy who received a shunt yesterday to relieve inner cranial pressure
  • Alan (AJ) & Amber – for their 5½ year old daughter Sophia, who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma 18 months ago and is in now in Stage IV.  Sophia is their only child and her condition has been worsening recently.
  • Sarah – for Rose, who was just operated for brain cancer that has been hopefully been completely removed
  • Joanna & Noah – for 21 year old nephew and cousin Ryan, who just had two heart valves replaced yesterday
  • John Bradley – for repose of his soul following his sudden death four weeks ago
  • Keisha – for her strength and courage
  • Stephanie – for her 6 year old son Jaseer, who can no longer walk and has serious bruising issues
  • Jada – for full recovery from stomach abcess surgery three months ago, which has led to this 14 year old girl to suffer a stroke
  • Paul – for his 11 month old son Domeniic’s recovery from a MERS infection
  • Carlison – for his general intentions
  • Crystal – for forgiveness for her husband Michael, who has been unfaithful to her
  • Bobbie – whose 21 year old son Steven received a new heart 8 years ago and is now showing signs of tissue rejection that might necessitate another transplant

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