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Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene, 22 July 2017: Children’s Hospital

September 19, 2019

Our threesome of male Protestant converts (Dan, Don and Mark) arrived in front of the hospital area around 9:45 under an incredibly bright sun, with an ambient air temperature well into the 90s. We were happy to see that there was adequate shade provided by a closed sidewalk kiosk, and we immediate sezzzt up shop right there.  We barely had assembled the sign when a couple spotted us and came asking for prayers. The father was wearing a prominent wooden cross, and quickly revealed that their daughter Samantha had been born three days earlier with encephalicele, and that part of her brain extended outside her skull. We immediately huddled together in intense prayer, and after the parents  selectted a guardian angel religious medal, they thanked us profusely and departed for an appointment with the surgeon. Barely 15 minutes later, they returned with ecstatic news which the doctor had told them, that Samantha most likely had suffered minimal neurological damage and would be able to see.  We had a number of other wonderful encounters over the course of the morning, which are summarized below.  Please pray for:

  • Sibilly – who just underwent neck vertebra surgery and was experiencing numbness
  • Kim – whose mother Regina cannot swallow following a minor stroke as is currently in ICU, and whose cousin is also suffering major health concerns
  • Virginia – who suffered a brain aneurysm on October 11 and is exhibiting symptoms of a stroke
  • Daishan – who would like to develop his talents in art and music
  • Samantha – a 3 day old girl with encephalicele; surgeon holds out good hope for her condition
  • Ann – who has been suffering of Crohn’s disease and now has a fistula
  • Nayah – who probably had broken toe
  • Gabriella – who is 17 years old and hospitalized due to fluid build up in her chest of lupus
  • Alonzo – a 12 year old boy of New York City with cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant. His mother Kris is quite poor and is concerned that they will be evicted out of their apartment while awaiting the transplant.
  • Jason – 11 month old baby with Joubert syndrome and other health problems.
  • Miracle – baby girl with hyperinsulinimea after removal of 35% of her pancreas. Her mother Sahde reports that Miracle’s condition is improving.
  • Glenn – young man who just emerged out of open heart surgery,
  • Keyanna – 2 day old girl in the NICU with respiratory problems
  • Josh – 42 year old man with pancreatitis for seven months.
  • Ian – 4 month old boy with kidney failure. His father Josh reports that Ian almost died at birth but is being released on Monday and will be baptized shortly thereafter.
  • Ro – very kind security officer who brought us two cups of ice water due to the excessive heat. She asks for prayers for her general intentions.