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Saturday, 12 August 2017 – Feast of Saint Jane de Chantal / 34th Street in Philadelphia

September 19, 2019

Despite the dire weather forecast on Friday evening, the skies were merely overcast on Saturday morning, so our group of three (Don, Nancy and Mark) elected to return to the 34th Street hospital area.  As usual, we were quite touched by the stories that emerged as we sezzzt about praying with the people that came outside either Children’s Hospital or the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for a break.  Among the first people whom we encountered was a young woman named Jasmine, whose two year old daughter Ariel has cerebral palsy and had developed a lung infection over the past day.  As we soon learned, Jasmine is a faithful parishioner at Saint Cyprian’s in West Philadelphia, and we not only huddled to pray with her, but invited her to join our evangelization efforts when Ariel’s infection clears up.  A wheelchair bound woman named Jackie then approached our prayer station, as her daughter is in the hospital with a bone marrow transplant.   She spent a good while talking with us, and like Jasmine, had such gratitude for our ministry that she in turn was a blessing to us.  Last but certainly not least, as has so often been the case, we had a powerful encounter as we walked back to the parking garage.  This time, we saw a young father named Chris with his beautiful three year old daughter, who was visibly ill from fighting cancer.  As soon as we spotted them seated outside the hospital entrance, we were instantly drawn to minister to them, and it ended up being an awesome meeting.  Chris’ eyes expressed his heart-felt anguish over his daughter’s plight, and he welcomed us to pray over them.  We gave them each a religious medal, which prompted little Tylia to begin talking to us.  Before leaving, we gave Chris our calling card and told him to call anytime if he needed help or guidance.
Please keep the following people in your prayers, as we promised that our group members would intercede for them:
  • Sean, whose four month old premature baby boy A’Sai is still in the NICU.
  • Patrick, a man who requires dialysis at HUP
  • Nicole, whose 18 year old daughter Kailey will be getting a bone marrow transplant on Monday to battle acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Meghan, whose 12 year old daughter Kaylina requires back surgery
  • Ephrem, for his wife
  • Tim, whose 2 year old daughter has severe mitochondrial disease and is not expected to reach her third birthday
  • Rasheed, who would like to feel God’s presence more strongly in his life
  • Jasmine, whose two year old daughter Ariel has cerebral palsy and is currently being treated for a lung infection
  • Frieda, whose son Godwin just underwent a battery of tests that all came back negative and doctors cannot tell why he is ill
  • Diana, whose youngest child King James is in renal failure.  She has six other children and is feeling overwhelmed.
  • Jackie, whose daughter Taniya needs a bone marrow transplant
  • Veronica, who desires improved health and financial stability
  • James, who is struggling with substance abuse
  • Archie, a 42 year old man with renal failure
  • Waltrina, whose 12 year old son Donovan is struggling to recover following a tonsillectomy performed last week
  • Vanessa and Jack, that their baby Eiijah will experience full recovery and thrive
  • Charlene, for full recovery in hospital
  • Clarence, whose son Clarence needs prayers for healing
  • Chris, whose three year old daughter Tylia is undergoing treatment for cancer