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August 19th CHOP / HUP Philadelphia

September 19, 2019

(NH) Privileged… this is the word that keeps coming across my mind when planning to write up this post for today’s St. Paul Street Evangelization mission on the sidewalk outside the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

So many times now, so many evangelization missions, and it always comes back to how fruitful our Lord is when we desire to serve Him and His flock.  We had many people pray with us today and with whom we could speak with about God’s love for them and for all of us.  It seemed that most of the people we spoke with came to us, seeing us there with our prayer station; it was as if we were sought out.

My thought on privilege comes from knowing that God put us there this day, to speak and pray with these people, lifting their prayers to Our Lord with them.  These humble people allowed us to work in cooperation with them, beseeching Our Lord to hear us, to answer and help us to see His works, His knitting, His masterpiece in our moment to moment, day to day lives.

Walking up to sezzztup outside the hospitals, Don, Grace and I were chatting about how God has some very humorous picks for doing His work … We spoke of the bunch of fishermen and notably Saint Peter. Shortly after sezzztting up a woman named Lisa came up and thanked us profusely for being there and that she was very much in need of prayer.  She told us her son Peter is having gallbladder surgery on Monday (10:30 am) and so far prognosis looks good for no cancer but will be certain from additional biopsy during the surgery.  Peter has suffered much pain over the past two years with gallbladder problems and had been deemed too young for surgery until now and has had some questionable diagnosis from various hospitals.  We told Lisa how we had just a few moments before been talking about St. Peter and how amazing it was to us that here she was with her Peter in need of our prayers.  We prayed for the expertise of the doctors in surgery and diagnosis and treatment, we prayed for Lisa to know the Lord is with her every step of the way, we prayed for Peter’s safe surgery, fast recovery and complete healing, and for the rest of his family.  After prayer, Lisa told us that she felt a weight lifted from her for the first time since coming over a week ago and we all praised God for this beautiful blessing!

We had the opportunity to see Jackie and Nicole again, whom we met last week doing SPSE.  Both have teen daughters who have had bone marrow transplants.  We were blessed to hear stories of how the girls have befriended each other, thanks to their moms meeting eachother.  Knowing that there are others going through some of the same things is a true blessing for these girls and their moms.  We were blessed to be able to hear how things are going, to pray with them again, and to hear Jackie’s assurances that she will keep in touch with us.

I met a young couple, Jess and Dan, sitting on the sidewalk, having found a little spot of shade as it was 88 degrees and humid August Philadelphia.  I held out two blessed medals, a crucifix and a miraculous medal.  I asked them if I could share one or both of them with them, noting one being Jesus on the cross and the other His Mother Mary.  Jess exclaimed, “yes, I would love to have the Mary medal for my baby in the hospital, who is named Mary”!  Their little 8 month old was in the hospital with what seemed to be seizures during eating.  She was being tested for neurological problems but they were thankfully coming back negative and testing was now being done for reflux issues.  I sat on the sidewalk too and we spoke at length about how difficult it must be to have their baby in the hospital and with her being their first, it must be awfully hard, and how our own blessed Mother Mary has sympathy for them, as she knew suffering.  Jess let out her bottled-up emotions and opened up about how hard this is and Dan built her up for what a terrific mom she is.  We prayed for their sweet baby and for them to know God’s working in their lives and for them to hold onto Christ in their lives.  They were very thankful, as am I!

Please remember the following people and their intentions in your prayers:

  • Maleeka – for her son Jared who is starting his first year of college at Bloomsburg, leaving next week to do well, make good choices
  • Kenny – to find a way to get home
  • Lisa – for her son Peter’s gallbladder surgery (Monday 8-21 1030am) success, diagnosis, treatment, complete recovery and healing
  • Jess and Dan – for baby Mary’s proper diagnosis, treatment and recovery for her eating difficulties
  • Liza – for her child Nylise, and for her and grandfather Antonio to return to practicing their faith
  • Gmom Shirley and GPop – for teenaged Abby with Crohn’s disease, rushed to emergency room; for proper treatment and for her healing and recovery
  • Jackie – for Tanayah’s healing and complete recovery from bone marrow transplant for anemia
  • James – for struggle with substance abuse
  • Nicole – for Kaylia’s healing and complete recovery from bone marrow transplant for leukemia
  • Courtney – for her son Luke who was bitten by a dog; for Luke to receive excellent treatment and to have quick healing and recovery and to not have any PTSD.
  • Jason – for his back injury to completely heal and for him to know Our Lord’s work in his life every moment of every day.

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