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Philadelphia Parkway Area – Sept. 9th

September 19, 2019

(NH) Feeling very blessed to have Mary join our team for St. Paul Street Evangelization today!  We went to the Philadelphia Logan Circle area, nearby the Cathedral.  It was a glorious day on the Parkway with a cool breeze, bright blue sky and many people meandering about downtown.  Sharing the love of Christ and His Church in this town on this day was a joyous experience.

We met many homeless people early on.  Mary and I were discussing how the homeless were a blessing.  Thinking on what St. Teresa of Calcutta states in her “Heart of Joy” book,

Listen to what Jesus says: “I want you to be my fire of love among the poor, the dying, and the small.” Learn this expression by heart…..If you want others to love Him, you must first make Him known to them.  So give a whole Christ to those who live in the inner city – a Christ full of love, of joy, of light.  Do not be a dim light, but a shining light.

The homeless we meet do not act is if they are uncomfortable speaking to us on the sidewalk, they do not avoid us, and usually do not ignore us and walk by.  The homeless are almost always open and warm and humble.  They graciously tell us about what they have going on in their lives.  They tell us of their struggles and their prayers.  We are so humbled to be allowed by Our Father to lift up their prayers to heaven with them.

One particular encounter to recall and pray about in earnest, was with a man named Donald.  He told us of his struggles with addiction and how he had been clean for two years but recently has been getting high again.  This morning, however, he got up and, despite not really wanting to get himself together, he did.  He had gone to the ‘Y’ to get cleaned up and was walking around to enjoy the beautiful morning and came upon us.  Donald told us that he considered walking by but stopped to talk instead.  At first, he did not want to hear of God working in his life, to hear that perhaps he met us here and stopped because God wants him to know He is with him.  Donald stated “here I am turning 59 in another week and I’ve been through so many ups and downs, and I’ve heard it all before”.  We talked about how hard it is to stop doing something that helps us turn off reality for a bit.  We talked about how Satan tempts us to think “just this time, but that’s all” and then afterwards the bitter pill of regret and torment.  We spoke about how Christ is the healer of all and that He tells us to put our burdens on Him because his yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Donald decided that he did want to pray to our Lord for strength and to give it all over to Jesus. In prayer he confessed to God that he did not want this addiction, this drive to get high, anymore ever.  The use of the drugs was not his friend and he wants nothing more to do with it.  We beseech Our Lord to send His healing spirit upon Donald so that he may not desire to do drugs ever again.  Donald gave us his number to keep in touch.

During our little mission we also were blessed with many college students stopping and chatting and praying with us.  We shared many blessed medals, holy cards, and rosaries.  So many of these young adults were filled with joy and hope.  It was a wonderful privilege to hear of their pursuit of their studies and plans for their future.  We prayed with many of them for their studies, families, health, and then also their concerns for the world about them.  Many of them loved visiting our cathedral.

Please keep the following people and their intentions in your prayers in the upcoming weeks:

  • Luis – general intention for his welfare.
  • Linwood – to know and do God’s will.
  • Russell – for healing of his hand which is numb and he prays for it to be useful again.
  • Bill – for strength against temptations.
  • Donald – for healing from addiction, strength against temptation, and for his welfare.
  • Anthony – for healing and recovery from prostate cancer.
  • Norman – general intention for his welfare.
  • Leodora – for healing of her fractured knee from car accident and for her general health.
  • Joe – for help with decisions.
  • Fred – on segway tour, for general intention to know God’s will for him.
  • Gabby, Cash, Canlia – Neumann college students, for blessings on their semester.
  • For Canlia’s cousin Michael’s brain tumor, treatment, recovery.
  • Helena – for health and healing.
  • Jamie and Jennsina – for their semester and to find good jobs.
  • Abby, Andrea, and Annalise – for their semester; also for Hurricane Irma to steer clear of their family members and for all in the path to stay safe.
  • For Annalise’s brother Richard’s heart problems/recovery.
  • For Abby’s friend Hunter who has been paralyzed in diving accident; for his treatment, therapy and recovery.
  • Aquilla, Chris, Asaih – giving out food to the homeless 🙂 for their good health, to know God’s will for them, and for their growth in holiness.
  • Vanessa and Morgan – for their semester.
  • James – to find shelter.
  • Joe – general intention for his welfare.
  • Leslie and Martin – tourists from Essex England – for safety and health for the remainder of their trip, for their family’s health and welfare.
  • Katia and Natalia – for their friends, and their health and their semester.

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