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St. John Bosco Parish Fall Fest – 1st Night

September 19, 2019

(NH) I had the pleasure of representing our St. Paul Street Evangelization team at the local St. John Bosco Parish Fall Fest on Tuesday night. It was a beautiful opportunity to work alongside the Legion of Mary folks from St. John Bosco parish, who so kindly welcomed us. This mission was extra nice in a two-fold way, getting to meet and socialize with a great group of people working in the Legion of Mary parish ministry, hearing about what they have going on, as well as getting to encounter many fair goers with their families in tow, sharing Our love of Christ and His Church with them.

We spoke to and prayed with many folks and shared rosaries, instructions on praying the rosary, Dynamic Catholic books, and blessed medals.

Very early in sezzztting up a young mom with husband and young children accepted Our Lady of Fatima medals. The mom stayed back a bit and told me she’d like to pray for healing from addiction. It truly broke my heart to hear this sweet young mommy was stuck in the bondage of addiction. We beseechingly prayed together, reminding ourselves that where two or more are gathered in His name, Christ is there. We praised Our Father for the days of life He has blessed us with, invoking the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus to heal this mom of any drive to use. We asked for the protection of His blessed Mother, Mary. We spoke about adoration and how Christ is truly present in the flesh there, and that getting down on one’s knees in adoration, at the foot of the cross, will heal so many wounds. I also gave her a Resisting Happiness book, which I personally love for a basic how to on every day of life. (Thank you Matthew Kelly!

We had others who also prayed with us, some others for healing, concerns of the world and peace, family, safety, etc.

We hope to have a team at the fall fest more this week and will continue to post about it. In the meantime please remember these dear people and their intentions in your prayers:

Jake – safety and health in boot camp

Bonny – guidance for organizing and cleaning house out

Jeannie – safe trip to Seattle

Michelle – health of mom Margie

Pat Slavin – health and anxiety

Babette – her family

William – healing

Lauren – healing

Christine and Danny – for mom-mom Annemarie’s health

Wilbur – for family, health, employment

Michael – for better communication

Demus – general intention, wellness, to know Gods will for him

For Cory and Matthew who have passed

Keith and Colleen – family and children’s health, safety, and welfare

Leslie – mom’s health

Paul – brother’s (Ken and Gene) health

Horace and family – general welfare and blessings

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