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St. John Bosco Carnival – Thurs. and Fri. Nights

September 19, 2019

Wow!  Thursday and Friday nights at St. John Bosco’s carnival were good fun and beautiful evenings to share our love of Christ and His Church with all we met.  Once again, spending time with the SJB Legion of Mary folks, Gerry, Walter, Rita, Maria, Christine, Kate etc., was a blessing in itself!

The weather was warm and clear and the crowd got fairly heavy by Friday night.  We gave out over a hundred blessed medals and about 25 rosaries, along with many how to pray the rosary pamphlets, and some dynamic Catholic books.

There were many families in attendance and the nature of the evening was very joyful.  We were blessed to pray with many people.  Two young men who happened by were very receptive to speaking with us and praying with us for perseverance in life.  We gave them the Resisting Happiness book.  Another woman who came from Baptist upbringing was curious about whether Catholics pray to God and why we would pray to Mary.  We talked about how certainly Catholics do pray to God and that when we pray to Mary it is asking our Blessed Mother to lift our prayers to heaven, as we do for one another as caring friends, and especially since she told us that “her soul magnifies the Lord”.

Please include the following people and their intentions in your prayers:


  • Ann and Ann – Son/Brother Tom now deceased 15 years, miss him so.  For them to know he is well in heaven and to be blessed to receive signs from him this week.
  • The Davis Family – Health
  • Heather – son Adam’s stomach problems – proper diagnosis, treatment and quick recovery
  • Angelina and Christian – school and to know God’s will for their lives
  • Dolores – Health (personal) and for all those she ministers to in Chaplaincy program
  • Tish and Debbie – missing daughter Meghan; with to be blessed with knowledge of her well in heaven.
  • Gene – world peace
  • Jennifer and Mackenzie – husband / daddy John to get good employment.
  • Jamie – son Alex who is autistic to speak soon and develop well and for Jamie to have right judgement, patience, perseverance, and helpers.
  • TJ and Shannon – people suffering from hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
  • Christina, Tina and Tamara – mom Arlene with Alzheimers.
  • Irina and daughter Justina – health
  • Ann – husband John with Parkinsons
  • Matthew – (little boy) school year
  • Meghan and Pat – foster parents giving back Faith and Raymond after 2.5 years.
  • Alicia – anxiety
  • Connie – health
  • Linda – peace


  • Joanne – elderly people who died in FL nursing home due to hurricane Irma
  • Lorraine and little George – daughter / mom Liza healing
  • Donna – Kerry stage 4 cancer
  • George – find his way back to Church
  • Jack and little Jack – peace in life
  • Chris and Neil – peace in life and for hurricane victims
  • Dylan – (little boy) school year
  • Dawn and Daniella – peace from worries
  • Steve and Millie – Barbara Maurer (sister) stage 4 cancer, tumor surgery TUESDAY
  • Jim and Joanne – bariatric surgery
  • Beth – work and finances
  • Christine (mom) – son William cystic fibrosis (treatment, wellness, long prosperous life)
  • Marissa (mom) and 1 week! baby Emma – mom and baby health, patience, love
  • Beverly and Lisa – health and peace
  • Cookie – peace
  • Jesus and Brian (young men) – to know God’s will and have perseverance
  • Leah – for gg Anne in heaven

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