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Serving the Homeless and Prayer Station – Downtown Philly Oct. 22nd

September 19, 2019

(NH) We had a first for our street evangelization team … several children joined us, ala Mary and kids!  Prior to sezzztting up our prayer station on the sidewalk, we had the opportunity to help serve food to the homeless and poor with Mary’s friend Craig.  He welcomed us to help out and this amazing and humble man pulled together a hot meatball sandwich, salad and fruit meal for what had to be close to a hundred people, all in Logan Circle.

The homeless were beautiful to greet in the morning and I felt like a lucky girl getting to distribute little styrofoam containers and utensil packages out to the people in line.  Recalling the sweetness of so many of their greetings, I wanted to find a quote from St. Teresa of Calcutta that helps me bring to words some of my thoughts and I like this one especially today: “The poor are a hope. They represent, in fact, the hope of the world through their courage. They offer us a different way of loving God, by urging us to do all we can to help them.” Amen Saintly Sista!

Please offer prayers for Craig and his family, he’s a tremendously generous soul serving Our Lord in great humility.

After serving the homeless, we sezzztup a prayer station about a block up from the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul, as we frequently have done in the past.  This is generally a nice spot to have encounters with tourists, homeless, and college students.

The mission started off a bit rocky with the Logan park security telling us we were not allowed to be there distributing religious materials.  Deacon Mark explained to the officer that we had sezzztup our prayer station with sacramentals at this exact location many times in the past and that we had been instructed as long as we were on the sidewalk, not blocking pedestrian traffic, and not within the National Park boundary that it was legal.  Fortunately for us, the officer agreed to check with her supervisor.  She came back and told us it was ok after all. She told us that she felt badly as she was Catholic herself and just trying to do her job and that the first person she asked said we were not allowed but higher supervision said it was an acceptable public space for us.  It is good to be allowed by God to witness to our Catholic brethren the benefits of our liberty in the USA and to perhaps provide seeds for thought on why we would do this public witness of our faith, of our love for Christ and His Church.

Having the children with us for St. Paul Street Evangelization was a wonderful treat!  Niamh, Sinead, and Liam did a fantastic job for the Lord.  They were very pleased to offer free religious medals to people passing by and we had several people stop and chat with us and pray with us. One particular encounter where our little girls gave other little girls blessed medals was so adorable!  Having the children holding hands with us in a prayer circle for many strangers gives us great hope for the future of our world.  A couple of encounters that particularly stand out are our healing prayer for Arnold and our prayer for Haseen.

Arnold asked us to pray for his right arm that he could hardly lift and his back pain. We prayed as a group together, touching Arnold’s arm and back area, “come Holy Spirit” and commanded his arm to heal and have no more pain and his back to heal and have no more pain, in Jesus’ name.  Arnold reported that his arm felt lighter.  Let’s continue to pray for complete miraculous healing of Arnold’s arm and back, in Jesus’ name.

Our prayer with Haseen was very memorable in that his intention seemed a little nondescript, with “please pray for my family”. He had stopped to accept a blessed medal from Sinead.  We prayed for Haseen’s family, for their welfare, and for God to hear and answer his prayers and for the Holy Spirit to fill Haseen’s heart and mind with the love and peace of Jesus Christ.  When we opened our eyes from prayer Haseen had a huge smile on his face and he exclaimed how wonderful, you have made my day, thank you so much.  One could see in his face how much weight had been lifted from this man’s heart through prayer.  Praise be to God for he is great!

Please remember the following people and their intentions in your own prayers.  We lift up to God the following:

  • Craig and Lucina – for their family
  • Beverly – for favor on her family
  • Joanne – for her job and to be kept safe
  • William – to find a job and to receive his shelter on November 2nd
  • Barbara – for her general intentions
  • Bill – to return to faith in Christ and His Church
  • Arnold – for the sign and wonder of a miraculous healing of his right arm and back
  • David – for his friend Mark’s family
  • Gloria and Kieran – for the repose of Kieran’s dad, Sean
  • Briant – for his sisters and nieces
  • David and Cheryl – general intention and for David to come to know he can speak with the Lord and He listens
  • Alyssa – to overcome addiction
  • Frances – to have complete healing and recovery from her breast cancer
  • Shane – for his communications class
  • Britney – for her college year, biology curriculum
  • Bill – for his family
  • Haseen – for his family
  • Jeannette and Carlos – for safe trip in the US and back to Brazil
  • Brad – for his welfare

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