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Philadelphia CHOP / HUP area – 11.4.2017

September 19, 2019

(NH) We had a beautiful fall morning to greet us on the streets of Philly today.  There was a coolness in the air, but still fairly warm for November, and an excellent day for doing St. Paul Street Evangelization.

Donna joined me and Mary today, and I almost wish she were writing this blog post 🙂  We all know that doing street evangelization for the first time can be a little daunting.  However, Donna, who had told us on the ride down that she would primarily be watching, stepped right into action, showing Christ’s love for all we met through prayer, speaking with people, and listening.  On the ride down, we spoke of the public’s hunger for knowledge of the love of the Lord, witnessed each time we do street evangelization.  On the ride home, we affirmed with amazement the fruitfulness of the mission and the many encounters we had.

The hospital area has many with sorrows and fears, praying for God to hear and answer pleading for healing, recovery, expertise, effective diagnosis, and treatments.  Many people are suffering through heartbreaking times and it can be difficult to maintain composure sometimes, beseeching God to hear and answer prayers, to work signs and wonders for His glory.

One couple has a little boy, Michael, in CHOP with seizures.  They took a St. Micheal the archangel medal for him.  The dad asked us for a rosary and was pleased to receive a pamphlet that explained how to pray it.  The couple explained that the husband is Catholic but the wife is not.  The wife definitely seemed open to learning more about the faith.  They belonged to a Catholic parish that was not fulfilling their needs and they agreed that they need to find another Catholic church that has a warm community where they feel that they belong.  We spoke on the importance of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church and the trustworthiness of Church teaching.  The wife remarked about how she keeps telling God that she knows He is there but she needs Him to talk louder to her.  We spoke of how the word “prophecy” means to speak on God’s behalf and that meeting us on the street, and us being allowed to tell her of God’s love for her and her family, was indeed a means that God has always used to speak to others for millenia.  She agreed.  We spoke of adoration of the Eucharist and the recognition that God, who breathed the stars and knitted us in our mother’s wombs, may give Himself to us in the visible presence of the host and wine, if He wants to.  We suggested the young couple consider trying to get to adoration, to come before the Lord with their needs.

We also met a sweet young mom Amanda, whose little boy Jesse is being treated post 2nd bone marrow transplant with chemotherapy and who is struggling to heal right now.  This poor young mom and her boyfriend are hours away from home, had to quit her job to get treatment for her child’s stage 4 cancer, and had lost her first baby at birth.  Speaking with her about how she is managing, so young and such sorrow, she is so thankful for other parents at the hospital, sharing in their sorrows together.  This makes me think of Mary speaking about compassion.  Sharing compassion, in Christ’s name, with this young woman meant a great deal to her and she told us.  I have her contact information and plan to check up on her and any needs in upcoming weeks, as she plans to be at CHOP through Thanksgiving.

Please keep the following people and their intentions in your prayers:

Terrell – for his health

Crystal – for her son Bill’s healing

Saba – for her health

Majesty – for recovery and good health

Solomon – for personal and world peace

Lydia – for nephew Randy in ICU, dire situation

Hamid – for his baby Gala in CHOP

Elizabeth and baby True – for Jahad in CHOP for bad asthma

Mina – for her finances, health, and to know God’s will for her

Maddie – for general intention

Jennifer – for 17 yo son Jake’s kidneys, surgery on Monday

Christine – for healing from her depression

Jacob – for healing, 19 yo with collapsed lung

Syme – for healing from Crohn’s disease

Amanda – for little Jesse’s healing and recovery from stage 4 cancer/marrow/chemo

Maisha – for her soul and her family, left behind husband and 3 children

Susan – for her healing from asthma

Jude – in hospital very long time, for healing / recovery

Marcall – for general intention

Sophia – a mother in the hospital, for healing / recovery and for the comfort of daughter Eva

KY – for his friend Bob in hospital, for healing and recovery

Jake – for wife Marquetta’s healing from Crohn’s disease

Maria – for general health intention

Robin – for brain to work well getting to Perelmen center on Monday 11-6, and for doctors to diagnose and treat brain problem for excellent healing and recovery

Aaron – for 6yo in hospital with anger issues and for his homeless mom Amera

Gerry and Louis – for son Michael with seizures and for their other child Nicolai at home with gmom

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