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11 Nov 2017: Feast of Saint Martin of Tours / Children’s Hospital and Hospital of University of Pennsylvania

September 19, 2019

Nancy and I attended the 8:00 AM Saturday Mass in our parish before heading down to the hospital area on 34th Street.  We had our first frost a few hours earlier, and were thankful that the winds died down and that the sun was shining brightly.  Nancy, ever the thoughtful person, brought along five pairs of gloves to hand out to the poor, and in less than 45 minutes, all five were taken … quite a testimonial to the charity of Saint Martin, who gave half his cloak to clothe the poor man who, was actually an image of the suffering Christ.
There were so many powerful encounters on the street this day, that it is difficult to know where to start.  The first person to approach us was Jennifer, who the first recipient of a pair of gloves as well as two religious medals:  one for her, and one for her hospitalized son.  She was raised Baptist and became intrigued by what we were doing outside the hospital, and expressed interest in coming to a Catholic service.  We gave her our calling card and encouraged her to seek out one of the Catholic parishes near her home in Upper Darby, and to seek the help of a Catholic friend to sit with her and guide her throughout the Mass.
Shortly thereafter, a younger woman, probably in her mid-30s, approached Nancy at the prayer station and asked for to pray with her for her husband Robert, who was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago.  Despite aggressive treatments, Robert’s condition has worsened, and he is now in HUP and dying.  The encounter was marked with tears and hugs, and the woman gave Nancy her phone number so that we can receive updattes on Robert.
We had a follow up meeting with AJ, whose daughter Sophia is battling brain cancer.  They were supposed to move to Warminster in late August, but plans changed and they are still in Philadelphia, where Sophia attends kindergarten in the Bustleton section.  We prayed with AJ and reassured him that our group continues to pray for Sophia’s recovery.
Please continue to pray for all the following people that we met, and consider joining us again in our evangelization outreach on the streets of Philadelphia:
  • Jennifer, a single mother with eight children, whose 7 month old son Charlie is in the hospital suffering from congenital HPV.  Pray also for Myron, Jennifer’s boyfriend, that he may step up to the plate and help her and their children.
  • Herme, whose little boy Hershal is in the hospital due to a stubborn fever
  • Angelique and Tyrone, whose three year old son has sickle cell anemia and suffered a stroke on Thursday evening.  Pray also for his grandmother Taejuana, who is very distressed over the situation.
  • Daniel, who desires healing from a sore left leg.
  • Daquan, who wants to find a wife
  • Jasmine, who was just released from the hospital, but whose child Miracle is still in CHoP.
  • Thomas, whose wife Erin just miscarried, that they may both find peace and the blessing of another child
  • Laura, whose 16 year old friend Jason Cunningham committed suicide a few months ago and wants reassurance that he did not go to Hell.
  • Tom, a recovering alcoholic whose 16 year old son Michael is hospitalized in CHoP with ongoing gall bladder problems, which might necessitate surgery.
  • Taryn, whose young husband Robert has been battling leukemia for two years and is now dying in HUP.
  • Ethan Scott, a 15 year old boy with testicular cancer and whose condition is not responding to treatment.  He is from a very Catholic family formerly from the Coatesville area and now lives in the Carolinas.
  • Pat, a teacher at Saint Philomena Academy and Saint Joseph/s House in Coatesville, who asks for God’s blessing on their mission.
  • Brian, a research scientist at CHoP who is suffering from diabetes.
  • AJ, whose 6 year old daughter Sophia has been battling a neuroblastoma for more than three years and is currently in CHoP for treatment.
  • Evelyn, whose son Andrew is battling a heroin addiction.