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Black Friday – Two teams – Two locations Philadelphia….11/24/2017

September 19, 2019

(NH part1) Our little Lower Bucks / Philadelephia St. Paul Street Evangelization team had a first today ~ two teams at two locations across the city at same time. Don and I were sezzztup outside the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul and Deacon Mark and Donna were sezzztup outside of Children’s Hospital and Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. We rode down together and the traffic was not bad despite it being this big shopping day. The weather was cool, but quite nice in the sun, and fortunately there was no wind at all.

At the cathedral Don and Nancy were blessed to meet many people. Michael came by early on, asking for prayers to get his life together and for his mom Lucille who had just had brain surgery. He was very moved when we prayed together and thankful for us being there and accepted a rosary, receptive to instructions on how to pray it. Derek came by and he accepted a rosary. He relayed that he went to school at Camden Catholic and that it provided him with lifelong formation. Derek told us about his mom and how she sacrificed so much so that he could attend school there. He spoke of how many people want to argue about religion and faith and that this is not what the love of Christ is about. We agreed about how we are called to meet people where they are and how good it is to find something that corresponds to another’s life to open the door to sharing Christ. We prayed with Derek and a little later when we were praying with another lady, he said hi again walking by, and exclaimed that Joanne was smart to pray with us for we were angels in disguise ❤️

Praise be to God for allowing little us to serve Him!
The sun left our parkway spot and so Don and I moved up closer to our usual Logan circle location. We met two Arabic men from the UAE who were very thankful to receive Miraculous medals. We tried to explain that the beautiful image is Mary, Jesus’ Mom. Ghadil and Mehdi did not speak much English but were so thankful for the medals and our prayer for them. We explained, mostly through hand gestures, that the Cathedral is our church and we are Catholic. For certain, with smiles and shaking our hands profusely, we were blessed to share a beautiful exchange of our Catholic Christian tradition with these Arabic visitors.
Please remember the following people and their intentions in your own prayers:
Michael – To get life together and for Mom Lucille’s healing and recovery post brain surgery
Derek – General intention
James Cruz – For James’ personal peace and peace on earth
Joanne – from Virginia- for courage, perseverance and right judgment in her life
Joanne’s elderly parents – for their good health until the day they die; for them to grow in faith and love of Christ and His Church
Christina and Harold (children) – for success in their chess tournament and future matches
Dolly – LaSalle U student – for success in biochemistry major, for her safety and to be full of peace
David – Methodist pro-life activist – for his ministry, for unborn babies and their moms, and for David to continue to be drawn to our staunchly prolife Catholic faith
Stephanie – for her 1 month old baby nephew William’s recovery and healing (just released from hospital, had pneumonia)
Ghadil and Mehdi – from UAE – for their safety and welfare and travels
Tameeka – for her health and healing from addiction