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Almost Advent – CHOP / HUP 12-2-2017

September 19, 2019

(NH) Walking out of the Children’s hospital parking garage on this chilly but sunny second day of December, Deacon Mark, Don and Nancy immediately happened upon Thomas on the sidewalk leading down to the street.  This poor man, catching a smoke, was obviously in great anguish, given away by the pain in his eyes.  Our little team had been walking and chattering from the car ride and seemed to most unexpectedly meet up with Thomas.  Frequently on our walk down to where we sezzztup our prayer station outside the hospitals, we do not have much communication with the people we pass, mostly out of fear of being berated by hospital security staff, ensuring that we are not at all on hospital campus, but only on public sidewalk areas.  This time it felt different.  Noticing Thomas by himself, and upsezzzt, we asked if we could pray with him.  There was no hesitation in this man, he seemed to have no doubt of needing prayer, no strangeness that these people passing by asked to pray with him; it seemed like he knew just why we were passing him by at that time.

Thomas’ little six-year-old daughter Anisa is in CHOP and has suffered and continues to suffer with multiple brain tumors.  Thomas, a strong tall man, stood in tears and fear for his little girl and his dear family.  The poor man beseeches Our Lord to hear and answer prayers for Anisa.  We pray for good diagnosis, appropriate and effective treatment and full healing of Anisa and we pray for strength, hope, peace and love of Our Savior to fill Thomas, his wife Rebecca, and little Anisa this advent particularly, and always.

Following our prayers with Thomas, we walked on down to Civic Center boulevard and up 34th street to sezzztup our prayer station between CHOP and HUP.  Just on our way out from Mass earlier about an hour before, we had requested prayers from a couple of longtime parishioners, Al and Ann, at OLGC who promised to pray for us.  They thanked us for doing this ministry and hugged us, saying they would indeed pray to God to place people in our path who need help with knowing Christ’s love for them and pray for us to have the words that are pleasing to Our Lord that these people need to hear.

In answer to their prayers and ours, we met many people on our two hour mission.  One thing that is always striking about doing St. Paul street evangelization in front of the hospitals is how many people on what seem like normal sunny days are suffering with tremendous burdens in their lives.  It is an honor and a privilege to be allowed by them and by Our Lord to minister to them in their time of great need.  Thinking on how one person’s normal day is another person’s upside-down day is reminiscent of all the recent Gospel readings leading up to advent, not knowing the time or the place, but knowing one day we all shall see the face of God.  Until then, being reminded by others of His constant working in our lives is where a person in the face of awful hardship can have hope, peace and hopefully even glimpses of joy in knowing they are never alone, but God is always with them, and that this life is not all there is, and that God sends His body of Christ, us, to minister to those in need.

After praying with and for many, listed below in intentions, our little team packed it up to leave.  Walking down the street to head back to the car, we saw a couple of laundry bags on the wall.  We asked a man standing near if he would like a blessed medal.  He told us indeed he did want one, and prayers also.  His name was Bradford and he was waiting for his wife Lucy to pull up her car to get the laundry.  The clothes were Amanda’s, Bradford’s 26-year-old daughter who was dying in the hospital from pulmonary hypertension.  Bradford told us that he saw us and thought of coming up and asking for prayer, but felt he could not, feeling unworthy and weak to do so.  He remarked how glad he was that we passed by him and asked. He was so thankful to pray with us, remarking on how his daughter always told him what a strong girl she was but that now her time had come.  Bradford had great concern for his daughter to be received into heaven when she passes.  We prayed the Fatima prayer at the end of our prayers with him, Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially Amanda and all those in most need of Thy mercy.  The dear man cried and told us what a blessing we were, thanking us greatly for being there for him and the many others there.

Praise be to God for He great and His mercy endures forever!

Please keep the following people in your own prayer intentions:

Cathy – for David’s healing.

Kim – for 10 year old Tyler who has unexpectedly lost sight in left eye and is weak on left side; for his proper diagnosis, treatment, healing, and full recovery.

Thomas and Rebecca – for 6 year old Anisa’s treatment, healing and full recovery from her brain tumors; for strength and peace for mom, dad, and daughter.

Moosa – for his peace.

Mary and Joseph – for their 28 year old son Justin being treated with chemotherapy for his brain tumor.

Natalia and Terence – for their 3 year old daughter Tanayah who was shot in the leg; for effective treatment, healing, and full recovery.  Also for mom and dad to know that Jesus wants to be in the center of their lives.

Aisha and Brianna – had a good MRI; pray for good health, peace, and welfare.

Jason and April – for mother in law Ellen who battled cancer for 13 years, now passing away. For Ellen to go to heaven with Christ and for her family to have peace and knowledge of Ellen with Our Lord.

Lorraine – for grandson Aseeyah’s healing.

Laura – for Daquan’s healing and future good health.

Drew – for Grandmom Rita being removed from life support.  For Rita to be admitted to heaven and for Drew and Rita’s loved ones to be at peace.

Russ – for the sign and wonder of a complete healing of his back pain, and for the health and recovery of his wife Deb who was being released from the hospital.

Jeannette – for Antonia’s infected finger and for him to grow closer to Jesus every day.

Rachel – for 5 month old Natalia born prematurely to finally come home on Monday and for mommy and baby to be healthy and grow beautifully together.

Kristen – for brother William’s full healing and recovery from metastatic testicular cancer and for them to know Christ is with them in their suffering.

Kyle’s grandparents – for 12 year old Kyle to be healed of his oral cancer.

Dillon – 8 year old, for healing from his Lyme disease.

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