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34th Street Hospital Zone, Second Saturday of Advent (16 Dec 2017)

September 19, 2019

Despite Friday’s snowfall and the continued bone-chilling weather, Donna, Nancy and I decided to head downtown after the 8 AM Mass and sezzzt up our station on 34th Street in the hospital zone.  The sun began to peek out as we arrived on site and armed with gloves, warm coats and feet warmers, we managed quite well.  We thought that the cold weather might be an impediment to our ministry, but as the air temperature improved, more and more people passed us on the street, and we had some very powerful encounters during our two hour mission.  This was Donna’s third time out with us, and she has become a real pro, fearlessly walking up to people to offer religious medals and prayers.  She remarked at how many people were truly suffering in this world, and how the evangelization experience has made her more aware of the need for the Gospel’s message of hope.  We met a number of Muslims, who were more happy to talk with us and have us pray over them, giving us the opportunity to plant the seed of the Gospel in their hearts.  As is often the case, we had several encounters with passersby as we walked back to the parking garage, including a very nice young Catholic-Jewish couple.  The Jewish woman welcomed our prayers for her job search, and sincerely thanked us as we parted ways.
Please pray for the following people whom we encountered during our vigil at CHOP and HUP:
  • Salid, for his personal intentions
  • Ryan, a 42 year old Catholic man who is in hospice at HUP and dying of cancer
  • Solomon, for his peace and joy
  • Teddy, Solomon’s friend, who wants to know God’s will for him and experience peace in his life
  • Greg and Ashley, whose 2½ year old son Samir is suffering from acid reflux
  • Lloyd, for peace in the world
  • Robert and Virginia, whose 3 year old son Robert Tray has RSV and was transferred to CHOP in critical condition
  • Kaylou, whose 3 week old son Kayli is in CHOP with an esophageal defect and cannot swallow formula
  • Yasmena, a 15 year old girl in CHOP for six days with severe constipation
  • Gabriel, a boy who is six days old and cannot swallow formula
  • Dave, whose good friend Charlie is in HUP following a complicated ten hour cardiac surgery
  • Brandy, whose 9 month old son Eden goes to CHOP four days a week for renal dialysis and will hopefully be eligible for a kidney transplant when he weighs more than 22 pounds
  • Sue, whose grandsons Sonny, Giovanni, Michael and Dominic suffer from various genetic disorders.  Sonny and Giovanni are 8 week old twins and require bone marrow transplants; Dominic was successfully treated with stem cells and is recuperating well.
  • Richard, whose 7 week old son Gianni was born with a heart defect and will be undergoing open heart surgery on Tuesday.  Little Gianni was also born with a malformed left eye that is will require more surgeries in the coming years.
  • Jerry, whose wife Destiny has widespread cancer and little hope of survival
  • Antoine, whose son Kaycer is ill
  • Hannah, who is seeking a job in the health field at CHOP.

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