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Suburban Station / Saturday, 23 December 2017

September 19, 2019

The five day weather forecast was unusually accurate, and when we left for Mass on Saturday morning, it was drizzling and cold.  We had already decided that given the predicted weather, it would be better to do or evangelization work in the comfort of Suburban Station, so after Mass, Mary and Declan Cole drove over to Jenkintown to board a train to downtown Philadelphia.  This was Declan’s first time working in street Evangelization, and he proved to be a real assezzzt to our group.  Declan has a well developed prayer life and is studying for the priesthood at Saint Charles Seminary, so he was prepared to pray over the people who would stop by our stand.  Barely a minute after we sezzzt up our sign, a woman stopped by asking for prayers, and we huddled together to intercede for her intentions. We had scarcely finished praying when the station’s emergency bells and lights began blaring after a false alarm was triggered.  The noise was horrific and our ears were literally ringing from the piercing alarm, and we had to wait almost 8 minutes for the station master to turn off the system.   As the session progressed, we took care to greet people coming from different corridors and entryways, and it was rare not to have someone come our way every minute.  Many of the encounters were incredibly moving, particularly one lovely young lady, who approached us after seeing our sign.  Danielle was on her way to hold a very difficult conversation with her father, and had been hoping to have someone pray with her about the situation.  She was amazed to have found us right there in the station, and as we began to pray, tears poured copiously out of her eyes.  When we finished praying, I looked down at the puddle of tears that was forming at our feet and had no doubts that the Holy Spirit had been hard at work with us. Danielle gratefully accepted a religious medal and the book Resisting Happiness, and gave us a big hug before heading off to see her father.  Equally moving was an encounter I had with a Mexican woman, who was talking on the phone when I greeted her in Spanish.  She was startled by my words and when she saw that I had a Lady of Guadalupe holy card, she immediately got off the phone and exclaimed how glad she was to see her “Virgencita”. She not only took the medal and card, but also a Spanish copy of Resisting Happiness.   Despite our protestations, she insisted on making a generous donation to our ministry, and she gave us a big hug before leaving.
One particularly moving encounter began with a pretty young woman approaching us after spotting our sign.  She and her boyfriend had joined AA earlier this year and have been sober for more than 8 months.  She had been raised Catholic but had never had a real relationship with the Lord until she hit bottom and sought recovery.  Her testimony to the faith was powerful, and we prayed fervently for her as she moves forward with her life.  She accepted a medal for both her and her boyfriend, as well as copy of Resisting Happiness, and walked away with a beaming smile after multiple hugs.
Please join us in interceding for the following people who stopped by our stand, and have a very blessed Christmas!
  • Ethel – breast cancer survivor
  • Spenser – needs a home
  • Juanita – for new job
  • Lou Andrew – for a permanent home
  • Bill – peace in the world
  • Montez – family and herself
  • Allen – general intentions
  • Maureen – getting off the street
  • Danielle – tough conversation with father
  • Teddy – for God’s protection over him and his girlfriend
  • Angela & Richard – in recovery
  • Ralph – for happy new year
  • Steven – for others to find happiness
  • Sam – for general intentions
  • James – for world peace
  • Red – for people to know Jesus this coming season
  • Deb – general intention
  • Greg – for health of his friend Nikki
  • Najah – for permanent home
SPSE Team Photo

Declan Cole (right) praying with man in Suburban Station

SPSE Team Photo

Danielle’s puddle of tears on floor of Suburban Station