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Hope in God Alone – February 10 2018

September 19, 2019

(nh) Cheryl, Don and Nancy went down to the sidewalk in front of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  We sezzztup our prayer station between the two hospitals and prayed for God to place people He wanted us to encounter there.  We added an Eagles Superbowl LII Champions pennant to our prayer station to help passersby know they can talk with us 🙂  As always, our Lord came through!

Early on, we met a man named Charles who was outside grabbing a smoke.  Upon being asked whether he would like to pray he said he sure would.  His wife Adela was recently out of heart surgery and was in great pain.  One could see Charles’ own pain of not being able to make his wife better, to provide relief.  We prayed for Jesus to fill his heart with peace and love and hope that he may bring to Adela in the hospital and for her full healing and recovery and relief from pain.  He accepted a blessed crucifix and paid us with a hug 🙂

Soon after we met the mom of Vanessa, a 12 year old asthmatic in the hospital due to her second bout with the flu.  Cheryl gave mom a St. Michael the Archangel medal blessed with oil that had been touched to St. Padre Pio’s glove.  We spoke to mom about Ash Wednesday coming up this week, meaning the beginning of Lent, a perfect time to grow in love of the Lord.  We offered her a “Resisting Happiness” book with the suggestion of reading one chapter daily during Lent.  She was concerned about “too much religiosity” but we assured her that this book was a good and easy read and didn’t think she would find it overwhelming.  She graciously took the book and said she would give it a try.

Sitting at the bus stop, we came upon Dolores.  Her name struck a memory of the seven sorrows (dolors) of Mary.  We mentioned the pain that Our Lady went through while on earth, seeing her Son suffer so.  Dolores had never heard or thought of the blessed Mother in relation to her name, though she said she know her name meant sorrow.  We prayed for her final radiation treatment for breast cancer to be effective and for Our Lord to bless her with complete healing and full recovery from cancer.  She was very thankful and blessed us for being there.

We met Jean whose husband Fred was in HUP having his stomach drained due to cancer.  She prayed to be allowed more time with her husband.

We met Jameel, a Muslim man, who welcomed prayer for his facial/neck injuries and his well being.  We talked about how Muslims regard Jesus as a prophet but Catholics regard Him as God, yet we both worship God, our creator.  We spoke about the precepts of the Lord and how perhaps we and so many can see them as a means of control but how God our Father gave them to us to teach us how to live in peace and joy and love with one another on earth.  Jameel excitedly agreed, how good the world would be if all knew and practiced this!  He mentioned how Jesus hung out with prostitutes and the likes of such.  This provided an opportunity to agree yet remind that while Jesus did come for sinners He never said “nice to meet you, keep living in sin”!  Christ reminded the sinners to repent in order to be saved.

While most of our encounters on this day were done by us evangelists approaching people who were standing/sitting around, we were blessed to have Eli come up to us, telling us he wanted prayers.  He had this great baseball hat on that said Jesus in big letters.  He was from Gettysburg and his little baby Isaac, born a couple weeks ago, needed bone surgery in his jaw to allow him to properly breathe/swallow/function.  We prayed for the skill of the surgeon and medical staff to be guided by God in all they do for Isaac and for Isaac to have an excellent recovery and complete healing.  Eli has two other children, and his wife, also in need of prayers during this trying time with baby Isaac.  Eli has a beautiful faith and his testimony of having been saved from drug addiction and alcoholism and anger by Jesus was so inspirational to us!  He prays and reads the Bible every morning, especially loving to read the Book of Proverbs.  Eli told us he was “between churches” in Gettysburg but went to fellowship type churches.  Don told Eli of his own conversion to Catholicism 3 years ago and how he loves the Catholic faith and had come to realize it was the church started by Christ.  With Lent coming up, we gave Eli a Resisting Happiness book, mentioning it was light reading, good for daily devotional ideas.

Leaving the area, a crossing guard was happy to accept an Our Lady of Guadaloupe medal from us.  It was a beautiful day to be allowed to be a reminder of God at work in our community.  Please keep the following people and their intentions in your own prayers, in Jesus’ name:

Charles -for wife Adela’s relief from pain, full healing and recovery from heart / chest surgery

Chybree and family – for their peace, good health and knowledge of God’s guiding path.

Vanessa -12 yo in hospital for healing from complications due to flu; for her mom’s peace too.

Dolores -for effective radiation of breast cancer, complete healing and recovery cancer free.

Joshua and Laucciano – newborn twins born today, doing well in NICU, for excellent development and health and for mom and dad’s peace and hope.

Jean – for more time with husband Fred who has cancer.

Natara – for son Benjamin who has lump on leg, for correct diagnosis and effective treatment, full healing and recovery.

Jameel – for peace in his life for healing from his injuries and for him to continue to be called to be disciple of Christ.

Tayron – for Char’s healing and for the couple’s dealing with trials and tribulations, to know the peace and hope of Christ and to be brought ever closer to Him.

Eli – for baby Isaac’s effective jaw surgery, full healing and recovery and for family members Sarah, Jeremy and Linda as well as Eli to be comforted in the Lord’s peace and hope.

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