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West Chester / Lower Bucks DUO – Chop and HUP 4-22-2018

September 19, 2019

“God is close to the brokenhearted.”

Philadelphia, PA

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This report comes from evangelist Rob:

“I met Nancy from the Lower Bucks County team downtown to sezzzt up shop outside Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This has been a fruitful spot, as many people we encounter are in situations in which they are facing illness and death for people they love. In today’s encounters, we met a lot of fathers, both young and old, and were able to provide rosaries, medals, and most importantly, prayer and comfort to those in difficult circumstances.

In one encounter, a man named Fred (who was Catholic) came over and told us he was so happy we were there. He had two daughters, Jamie and Ashley, who were suffering from developmental and mental disabilities, and he just wanted them to be happy. We prayed together, and all recited a Hail Mary as well. Fred gave us his email address, as we wanted to see how things were going in the future.

A CHOP employee named Cindy was walking by and seemed hesitant at first to stop when we asked if we could pray for any of her intentions, but she did. There is that strange moment, you know, where someone’s entire life trajectory could be changed by a prayer, but there’s a hesitation. I made it a point to pray privately on behalf of the person during those moments, so that they might not pass grace by, and that’s what happened here. Cindy asked for prayers for the patients in the ER, and she seemed encouraged and thoughtful about the encounter with us. We left her with a rosary and a pamphlet on how to pray it, and a Miraculous Medal. Thanks be to God!

We encountered three generations of women in one family: Victoria, her daughter, and her granddaughter, all walking by. They had just been to Mass at St. Malachi’s in North Philadelphia, and we talked about the parish. They accepted medals and a rosary.

We met a young man named Christopher, whose daughter Selena had just died. She was eight hours old. Please pray for Christopher, who was encouraged to encounter us, and the repose of the soul of his young daughter.

The most time we spent was with a young man named Tyler whose son Chase was 17 days old in the hospital with heart complications. Tyler was very upsezzzt and scared about his son. He was supposed to go home today, but was nervous because neither he nor the nurses could get the breathing tube inserted in his son’s throat. Nancy and I prayed for Tyler and for God’s grace and healing. Lo and behold, he got a text a few minutes later saying they were able to get the breathing tube in. I gave Tyler my number and told him to call me if needed to talk dad to dad, and encouraged him to “be strong and courageous.” (Joshua 1:9). Thanks be to God!

Both Nancy and I remarked that initially we were tired and busy before going out and weren’t especially looking forward to it. But God had a plan for the day, and in engaging in the ministry of “just showing up,” boy did the Holy Spirit make it worth our while. What a blessing it is to spread the Good News, and we never leave thinking “I wish I didn’t go out today.” Quite the opposite…we were glad to be out doing the Lord’s work!”

Please Keep the following people and their intentions in your prayers:

  • Michelle’s intention for healing and full recovery for 3 yo son Zane, just out of his 3rd open heart surgery.
  • Shardanea’s intention for peace, hope, and good health for daughter Nea’laoni who has cerebral palsy.
  • Tony’s general intention.
  • Eanna’s intention for good health and peace for herself and her family ~ upon leaving us she exclaimed “I am soooo happy!” (to have prayed with us and to have met us 🙂
  • Fred’s intention for his severely mentally handicapped adult daughters Jamie and Ashley – for their contentment and peace and joy and for Fred and his wife Lisa’s peace and hope.
  • Cindy’s (a hospital worker) intention for all of the people in the emergency rooms at the hospitals.
  • Tyler’s intention for his 17 day old baby Jayce’s development, healing and recovery and for he and his wife Jaralee’s peace, confidence, patience, and hope as new parents going home with baby.
  • June, Leslie, and Victoria’s general intention.
  • Young new parents Jeremy and Amada for newborn daughter Scarlet born with heart defect, for Scarlet’s effective treatment by healthcare professionals, for her full healing and recovery, and for the new parents hope, and peace, patience and love.
  • Christopher’s intention for himself and his wife, grieving over the death of their newborn baby Selena, and his wife’s healing and recovery and the couple’s peace and hope in the Lord in their sorrowful days ahead.