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28 July 2018: Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA

September 19, 2019

After a week of rather unsezzzttled weather, we awoke Saturday morning to much nicer skies.  Rich texted me just before 8 AM and offered to accompany me anywhere downtown, and we agreed to meet up at the Cathedral at 9:30.   We walked one block over from the parking lot and barely began sezzztting up the A frame stand when two men separately approached us for information.   We were absolutely astonished at how quickly the Lord sent people our way, and for the next 90 minutes, we had one powerful encounter after another.  While there was the normal number of people who politely ignored us, there were also many people who did not hesitate to stop and talk with us, including many out of town visitors.   It was incredibly heart warming to see that faith is certainly not extinct in our culture, and that there are many people who are conscious of their hunger and thirst for the living God.
Among the people that we spoke with was a young man named Pat, who couldn’t have been nicer and willingly accepted and put on a crucifix.  He then asked us sincerely for an explanation about Catholics praying to the saints, and after listening to us intently, he appeared almost relieved by what he heard.  He is Protestant and fell into a rough patch in his life that led to drug abuse.  We spoke to him at length about God’s unfathomable love and mercy for him, even when he succumbs to temptation, and that God only asks that when we fall is to look up at him, ask for forgiveness and help, and to struggle back onto our feet with whatever help God provides.  That message visibly moved him, for tears began to well in his eyes as he listened.  We prayed over him, and he in turned prayed for us, and promised to continue interceding for one another.
Please lift Pat up in your prayers, and intercede also for the following people:
  1. Russell, whose daughter Kristin has separated from him following arguments.   He wants to reconcile and was impressively well versed in Catholic beliefs and the Bible, even though he was raised a Quaker.
  2. Sage, who asks for prayers for her family
  3. Anton, who has prostrate cancer and is suffering from the treatment
  4. Anonymous  man, who asks for general prayers for his homeless situation
  5. Kevin, for an end to his family’s fighting
  6. Nathan, for God’s help as he begins his medical studies at Jefferson (he is terrific young Anglican man who readily accepted two religious medals)
  7. Barb – whose friend Bruce recently had open heart surgery and is not doing well.  She was overwhelmed to see us there, as she had given away the crucifix we gave her months ago and wanted a replacement!
  8. Maggie, a 21 year old woman who has the degenerative neurological disease CMT.  Her father made a cash donation to us and thanked us profusely for our presence on the street.
  9. Hai, a Vietnamese woman who became separated from her family this past March while immigrating.
  10. Pat, a young man struggling with drug addiction
  11. Marcus, who is struggling with alocholism
  12. Les and Tash, a young couple seeking family reconciliaron
  13. Colleen, for her general intentions
  14. Garrett family, for their general intentions