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Saturday, 11 August 2018 – Feast of Saint Clare – 34th Street Hospital Area

September 19, 2019

Despite the threat of thunderstorms today, the Lord provided a nice window of opportunity for street evangelization this morning.  Rich Scanlon and I met in the Cathedral parking lot at 9:40, and then drove over to the 34th Street hospital area and sezzzt up our sign between Children’s Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.   We began reaching out to passers-by and people coming out for a short break from attending to a loved one.   One of our most significant encounters was with a woman named Linda, who was initially on the phone while Rich was speaking with a man seated nearby.  As Rich walked back to our station, I saw Linda gesture for him to come back.  I told Rich to go speak with her, and the two were soon engaged in deep discussion.  When Rich was finished praying with Linda, he came back and related her very sad story.  Ten years ago, her six year old grandson died from complications of a genetic disorder, and both she and her daughter have struggled with depression over his death.  Four years ago, the daughter had another baby, a girl named Ashanti.  At the age of six months, Linda noticed that she was not developing properly, and tests finally revealed that she has Rett Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes multiple developmental problems in girls.  Ashanti has been in the hospital since Wednesday and her prognosis is not good.  Linda asked for me to come up to Ashanti’s room in CHOP and pray over her.  Ashanti was cradled in bed with her mother, and slept as we all held hands and prayed for divine intervention.  It was a tremendously moving experience for all of us, and we exchanged contact information before I left the room.  Linda promised to stay in touch, and demonstrated incredible faith in God.  Please pray for the whole family, as well as for the following other people who requested our prayers:
  1. Ali Kashidi – A 39 year old physician who was hospitalized on Wednesday for complications from diabetes that made a tracheotomy necessary, and for his mother, who is very upsezzzt because he takes better care of his patients than he does for himself.
  2. Celmy Lynn – She has had small cell lung cancer for 11 years and now has multiple metastatic brain tumors.   She has a lively faith and trusts that God will get her through this latest sezzztback.
  3. Ryan – A 49 year old man who has been battling cancer for 5 years and was getting another MRI at HUP.  His young son came by with a group of friends, who all took religious medals and participated in prayer for Ryan before heading to the hospital.
  4. Tianna – A young girl in CHOP for treatment of unspecified problem.
  5. Birch – For healing of his family and an enjoyable vacation.
  6. Lynn – A woman being buried today.
  7. Crystal – A young woman in HUP for treatment of an unspecified problem.
  8. Brie – A 2.5 month old boy in the NICU for treatment, and for his family.
  9. Jennifer – A young woman seeking a house in Delaware.
  10. Cecilia – An unborn baby girl whose birth may have to be induced ahead of schedule due to complications.
  11. Zaza and Zaria – Twins who are to be born today via C-section in HUP
  12. Sir Hunter – A 3 month old boy having surgery at CHOP
  13. Christopher – A man battling cancer at HUP